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Happy Late V-day from Neopets

While last week may have been the Neopets’ comical Valenpains Day, this week they are indeed celebrating the holiday properly with all kinds of fabulous new Valentine’s-themed Neopets items. You can find two new adorable cherub plushies, the Acara and Xweetok cherubs, in the Neopets’ Plushie Palace. The Neopets’ Mystical Surroundings shop has premiered a beautiful new gazebo background which is perfect for customizing your Neopet with Valentine’s-themed items. Lastly, … Continue reading

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Neopets Rainbow Fountain

The Neopets’ magical Faerieland is really on a roll with all the rebuilding that has been going on. Hopefully, you’ve all been taking advantage of the free daily prizes and Faerie Quests that have been available this past week. Remember, this is a limited time event and will end February 24th. Neopets players have also been enjoying the good fortune that came along with the restoration of the Faerieland Healing … Continue reading

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Daily Faerie Quests

As promised last week, the Neopets Faeries do indeed have something very special going on for the next couple of weeks! Instead of being randomly assigned, Neopets players can get a Faerie Quest every day when they visit Faerieland until February 24th. Faeries from each of the elements will take turns giving out quests, so they may end up asking for quite a variety of items. Don’t feel like going … Continue reading

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Happy…Valenpains Day?

It appears that the Neopets staff and players aren’t looking forward to Valentine’s Day this year as it’s been renamed “Valenpains Day” and today (Feb 9) is officially dedicated to “all things that make you go BLAH at Valentine’s”! Some very unique new items have been released in honor of this strange holiday which can be found in shops all over Neopia. A new wearable Broken Heart trinket can be … Continue reading

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New Game Challenge

A new game has been released as part of the Neopets Game Challenge. Shenkuu Warrior II is the newest addictive game that Neopets players can play for a chance at great new prizes. Shenkuu Warrior II is great for players that enjoy games in which anyone can conquer with a little practice and patience. The game revolves around the Shenkuu warrior climbing different obstacles (trees, mountains, etc..) with a point … Continue reading

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Jhudora Day

Friday (Feb 4) was Jhudora Day which has kicked off a whole host of Jhudora-related Neopets events. The Neopets’ Art Gallery is currently featuring pictures of Jhudora which were created and submitted by Neopets members. Pictures that are chosen by the Neopets’ staff to be published in the Art Gallery receive great prizes including 10,000 Neopoints, a random rare item and a trophy in your cabinet that you can show … Continue reading

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Busy Month for Petpets

January was a busy month for Petpets at the Neopet Petpet Puddle and now several of your favorite Petpets can be painted new colors! The Maractite Paintbrush, which was recently voted Neopets’ players favorite new Paintbrush, has an ever growing list of Neopets that may painted with this fabulous new style. Now the Petpets want in on the action! A new Maractite Petpet Paintbrush is now available. As of now, … Continue reading

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3rd Annual Neopies Comes to an End

The 3rd Annual Neopies have officially ended and the Neopets staff has now posted all the scores. There were some great prizes every day for Neopets players that voted and, as promised, a special prize at the end for those that voted every day; 20,000 Neopoints and a wearable 3rd Annual Neopies Golden Trophy toy! It seems there was a random allotment of prizes given out each day that followed … Continue reading

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New Healing Springs

The faeries must have been very busy rebuilding the Neopets Healing Springs because it now has a completely new look! Neopets players can still visit the Healing Springs every 30 minutes and the Water Faerie is still ready and waiting to heal your Neopet and give out magical items, but the appearance of she and her Healing Spring have been beautifully transformed. You can also still buy healing potions and … Continue reading


Faeries’ Ruin Prize Shop

The Faeries’ Ruin prize shop is officially open for business! The Neopets staff was able to get everything up and running a tiny bit earlier than expected and you can now spend the points you’ve earned for participating in the Faeries’ ruin plot. There are some pretty fabulous prizes including the much coveted Neopets Faerie Paint Brush! The cost of the Faerie Paint Brush is 40,000 points (these are specifically … Continue reading