Neopets Wearables

Wearables are items which you can use to customize your Neopet, such as clothings and accessories. They include hats, wigs, jackets, shoes, necklaces and much more which will definitely make your Neopet look great. So start dressing up your Neopet now!

About Wearable Items
Some wearable items can be worn on all species of Neopets, while others cannot. For example, a Moehog Flapper Dress cannot be worn on a Flotsam. However, items like Snowflake Glasses can be worn on all Neopets, regardless of its species.

Customizing Your Neopet With Wearables
Your wearable items are found in your closet (under “customise”). You can transfer items from your inventory to your closet. To start dressing up your Neopet, click on “customize Neopet”. There, you will be able to see the various items in your closet. To wear them for your Neopet, drag your desired item onto your Neopet. When you are done, click on the “save changes” button. You can also save up to 2 different preset outfits so that you can change the look of your Neopet from time to time, without the hassle.

Getting Your Wearable Items
You can purchase wearable items for your Neopet at the NC Mall under “Neopet”. There, you will be able to find lots and lots of clothings, accessories, and even wings!

Ready to dress up your Neopet?

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  1. Sporkle says:

    You don’t have to purchase wearable items only in the mall. You can buy them with neopoints at Unis Clothing and user-owned stores. Some clothes items are not wearable, but many of them are

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