Neopets Rainbow Fountain

The Neopets’ magical Faerieland is really on a roll with all the rebuilding that has been going on. Hopefully, you’ve all been taking advantage of the free daily prizes and Faerie Quests that have been available this past week. Remember, this is a limited time event and will end February 24th. Neopets players have also been enjoying the good fortune that came along with the restoration of the Faerieland Healing Springs last month. A visit to the Healing Springs, when your Neopet is ill or injured, is always a great way to save Neopoints and a trip to the pharmacy! Even though a lot of rebuilding has been completed, the Faeries aren’t planning on resting anytime soon. Their newest makeover has taken place at the mystical Rainbow Fountain. Unfortunately for Neopets players, this makeover is purely physical and does not increase your chances of receiving a special quest from the Fountain Faerie (known to be the rarest kind of quest). Despite this slight disappointment, the Neopets’ updated Rainbow Fountain looks pretty awesome!

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