Jhudora Day

Friday (Feb 4) was Jhudora Day which has kicked off a whole host of Jhudora-related Neopets events. The Neopets’ Art Gallery is currently featuring pictures of Jhudora which were created and submitted by Neopets members. Pictures that are chosen by the Neopets’ staff to be published in the Art Gallery receive great prizes including 10,000 Neopoints, a random rare item and a trophy in your cabinet that you can show off to all your friends!
The newest issue of The Neopian Times has recently been released including a feature article titled “Why Jhudora is the Best” and an adventure story called “Three Myths of Jhudora – Debunked!” . The Faerie Weapon Shop has two new Jhudora-inspired additions; Jhudora’s Cursed Sword and Jhudora’s Cursed Coin (both featured in the picture below this article).

We’ve saved the best news for last, though! The most exciting Neopets event relating to Jhudora Day begins this coming Monday (Feb 7), when Queen Fyora will issue a special message and later give out a special surprise gift to Neopets players that visit the Faeries every day starting Monday.

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