Happy…Valenpains Day?

It appears that the Neopets staff and players aren’t looking forward to Valentine’s Day this year as it’s been renamed “Valenpains Day” and today (Feb 9) is officially dedicated to “all things that make you go BLAH at Valentine’s”! Some very unique new items have been released in honor of this strange holiday which can be found in shops all over Neopia. A new wearable Broken Heart trinket can be purchased in the Gift Shop in Neopia Central. You can find two new disgusting looking types of chocolate, the Melted Choco Heart and the Box of Choco Larnikin, at the Neopets’ Chocolate Factory. If you travel to the Neovian Press shop, you’ll find two new books specially created for this theme called Love Hurts and Emo Poetry. The Art Gallery has selected images paying tribute to Neopets members that are disgusted with Valentine’s Day. Finally, in honor to everything sad and creepy there are two more Petpets, the Camelior and the Gwortz, that can now be painted with a Grey Paintbrush and they sure look pitiful!

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