3rd Annual Neopies Comes to an End

The 3rd Annual Neopies have officially ended and the Neopets staff has now posted all the scores. There were some great prizes every day for Neopets players that voted and, as promised, a special prize at the end for those that voted every day; 20,000 Neopoints and a wearable 3rd Annual Neopies Golden Trophy toy! It seems there was a random allotment of prizes given out each day that followed no pattern and did not correspond with what you voted for. Just a brief glimpse at some possible prizes were an assortment of stamps including the Shenkuu Draik Stamp, Kentari Stamp and Esophagor Stamp, an assortment of books including Untold Pteri Tales, Becoming a Princess, Big Book of Verb Conjugation and How To Make Mud Sculptures, an assortment of wearable items including a Fancy Pink Gown and “Beware of Meepits” sign. Other wonderful Neopets prizes included items such as dubloons, codestones and bottled faeries. The big news now, however, is the list of winners from each day of voting! The winners are:

Best Plot– The Faeries’ Ruin

Best Mystery Capsule– Spooky Moon Halloween Mystery Capsule

Let Us Never Speak of This Again– Key Quest Quitters (the new ranking system discouraging Neopets players who are about to lose Key Quest Games from dropping out)

Best Neopoint Background– Beautiful Desert Oasis Background

Best New Neopet Color– Chocolate Draik

Best New Petpet Species– Mauket

Best NC Collectible Item– Princess Amira Collectors Arm Cuffs

Best Neopoint Item– Zombie Petpet Paint Brush

Best Cameo Appearance in a Plot– King Altador

Best Avatar– Wishing Well

Best Species-Specific Wearables– Kacheek

Best NC Mall Event– Neggstravaganza Surprise

Best Site Event– Festival of Neggs

Best Caption Images– Contest 1107

Best Neocash Wearable Item– Stormy Night Background

Best New Game– Jumpin’ Gem Heist

Best New Paint Brush– Maractite

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