New Healing Springs

The faeries must have been very busy rebuilding the Neopets Healing Springs because it now has a completely new look! Neopets players can still visit the Healing Springs every 30 minutes and the Water Faerie is still ready and waiting to heal your Neopet and give out magical items, but the appearance of she and her Healing Spring have been beautifully transformed. You can also still buy healing potions and elixirs for great low prices without spending many Neopoints, however you are now limited to one purchase per visit. This great new look is exciting other areas of Neopia and has inspired Neopets’ shopkeeper Kauvara to add two new healing items to her inventory at the Magic Shop. All in all, not much has changed other than its physical appearance, but it looks like a very promising start to re-building the rest of Faerieland. For now, anxious Neopet players will have to just to wait and use their imaginations!

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2 Responses to New Healing Springs

  1. Neopets Guide says:

    sorry the account is trex09_cool the other one got frozen for cloning the really works

  2. Neopets Guide says:

    u can like get free items rare.if u hav a million np plus item send it to the user shadowfaxlucario and he will like give u 2 back cuz he owns some hack thing.i f u hav lots of np,buy an item(i used a draik egg) and send it 2 him.he will take max 24 hrs to respond.but dont tell everybody otherwise every1 will be rich.

    p.s u can only do this once

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