Faeries’ Ruin Prize Shop

The Faeries’ Ruin prize shop is officially open for business! The Neopets staff was able to get everything up and running a tiny bit earlier than expected and you can now spend the points you’ve earned for participating in the Faeries’ ruin plot. There are some pretty fabulous prizes including the much coveted Neopets Faerie Paint Brush! The cost of the Faerie Paint Brush is 40,000 points (these are specifically Faeries’ Ruin points, NOT regular Neopoints!) and, based on the reactions of players on the Neopets Boards, not a lot of players earned enough points. If you did, this is a great chance to nab a special Paint Brush that is otherwise extremely difficult to a hold of. Even if you didn’t earn enough points for the Faerie Paint Brush, there are plenty of other great prizes for much cheaper prices including special edition plushies, books, backgrounds and even a neat looking Xandra mask! Hope you all get some great prizes and now is a good time for some of you to brag about your amazing new Paint Brush!

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