Free Neopets Stuff

Here’s some cool free neopet stuff from the neopets website!

  • Neopet images
  • Hundreds of neopets graphics you can put into your shop!

  • Neopet shop blogs
  • Over a hundred of cool neopets blogs for your shop!

  • Neopet computer backgrounds 1
  • Neopet wallpapers for your computer desktop!

  • Neopet computer backgrounds 2
  • Even more neopet wallpapers for your computer desktop!

  • Neopet background sketches
  • Sketchy neopet wallpapers for your computer desktop!

  • Neopet screensavers
  • Neopet screensavers for your computer!

  • Free neopet music
  • Music from various neopets games that you can download onto your computer!

  • Neopet gift tags
  • Christmas neopet gift tags that you can print out and attach to your x-mas presents!

  • Neogreetings
  • Neopet e-cards you can send on any special occassion or holiday to your family and friends!

1,105 Responses to Free Neopets Stuff

  1. My username is randallkeithorton

  2. Yea nice!!!NF me & put junk items in ur shop/trade and get 2k nps

  3. hussaain says:


  4. kerry says:

    hey guys check out my shop for great deals everything 25np!!!!!!!!!!!!! user is: kezoketchup

  5. neopets says:

    yeah that are the best free stuff to offer! tahnks

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