Happy Late V-day from Neopets

While last week may have been the Neopets’ comical Valenpains Day, this week they are indeed celebrating the holiday properly with all kinds of fabulous new Valentine’s-themed Neopets items. You can find two new adorable cherub plushies, the Acara and Xweetok cherubs, in the Neopets’ Plushie Palace. The Neopets’ Mystical Surroundings shop has premiered a beautiful new gazebo background which is perfect for customizing your Neopet with Valentine’s-themed items. Lastly, whether your Neopet is a fan of Valentine’s Day or Valenpains Day, there’s a plethora of appropriate new choices in the Neogreeting section where everyone and anyone can find the perfect greeting to send to each one their friends to brighten their week!

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