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Neopets Cheats

Everybody wants Neopets cheats…cheats for Neopets games, cheats for getting neopoints, cheats for free paintbrushes, etc. Well the good news is, there are tons of Neopets cheats for games, and can be found on my Neopets Game Cheats page. It needs some updating, so please share your games cheats that aren’t already listed, in the comments section! Free neopoints are also pretty easy to come across, mostly by doing simple … Continue reading

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Win a Free Cybunny!

Hey everyone! I was just going through my old accounts trying to find things to use in giveaways for my fans, and I found my very first Neopets account that I made back in the day, and the account has a red Cybunny. It’s a female, named ‘cotten_candy808’, 3,664 days old. And she’s going to be a prize FOR FREE to one lucky person, which could be anybody participating in … Continue reading


Guide to your Neopets User Lookup

New page added! Guide To Your Neopets User Lookup. Learn everything you need to know about your Neopets user lookup, what everything means, how to customize it, and how to get more trophies, beads, etc.


Facebook on Neopets

A new feature is soon to hit the Neopets site for those over 13 years of age! That familiar Facebook “Like” button, that’s popping up everywhere on the web, will now be added to the Neopets’ Games Room as well as a few other games located throughout other areas of the Neopets site. So what does this mean and why should you care? It’s pretty simple! Soon you’ll see a … Continue reading

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Neopets Rainbow Fountain

The Neopets’ magical Faerieland is really on a roll with all the rebuilding that has been going on. Hopefully, you’ve all been taking advantage of the free daily prizes and Faerie Quests that have been available this past week. Remember, this is a limited time event and will end February 24th. Neopets players have also been enjoying the good fortune that came along with the restoration of the Faerieland Healing … Continue reading

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Daily Faerie Quests

As promised last week, the Neopets Faeries do indeed have something very special going on for the next couple of weeks! Instead of being randomly assigned, Neopets players can get a Faerie Quest every day when they visit Faerieland until February 24th. Faeries from each of the elements will take turns giving out quests, so they may end up asking for quite a variety of items. Don’t feel like going … Continue reading

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New Healing Springs

The faeries must have been very busy rebuilding the Neopets Healing Springs because it now has a completely new look! Neopets players can still visit the Healing Springs every 30 minutes and the Water Faerie is still ready and waiting to heal your Neopet and give out magical items, but the appearance of she and her Healing Spring have been beautifully transformed. You can also still buy healing potions and … Continue reading


Neopets Pharmacy Alternatives

Most experienced Neopets members have had the misfortune of having to treat a sick or injured. We know the process of diagnosing our Neopets in the Neopian Hospital and looking to purchase the necessary cures in the Neopian Pharmacy (FYI, you can avoid the hassle of scouring the Neopets Hospital by visiting the Neopets Diseases and Cures section of this very website!). Unfortunately, as most Neopets players have already noticed, … Continue reading

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Xandra and the Gallery of Evil

“Not all the inhabitants of Neopia are friendly, in fact there are a certain few that possess no greater desire than to kill and eat your pet.” So begins the introduction on the cover of the Neopets Gallery of Evil. The Neopets Gallery of Evil was first introduced in September of 2000 and contains a list and description of the most evil Neopian villains. The Gallery of Evil currently contains … Continue reading

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Buy Neopoints

Buy neopoints. It’s what every Neopets user wanted to do until Neopets finally came out with Neocash. But Neocash is slightly different than neopoints: Neocash is another form of Neopian currency. You can use it to buy exclusive Neopets items such as clothes, accessories and backgrounds for your Neopet, as well as furniture for your Neohome from the NC Mall, which cannot be bought using neopoints. But unlike neopoints, Neocash … Continue reading

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