New Game Challenge

A new game has been released as part of the Neopets Game Challenge. Shenkuu Warrior II is the newest addictive game that Neopets players can play for a chance at great new prizes. Shenkuu Warrior II is great for players that enjoy games in which anyone can conquer with a little practice and patience. The game revolves around the Shenkuu warrior climbing different obstacles (trees, mountains, etc..) with a point and click of the mouse. Sound easy? Think again! This game takes precision, good hand-eye coordination and the ability to constantly be thinking ahead about your next move while still completing your last one. To begin the game, there are two modes to choose from. All new players that are unfamiliar with the game should choose Training Mode. Even after getting the hang of Training Mode, it may be quite a while before you’re ready for Zen Mode. There are two great advantages to playing this Neopets game as opposed to most others; there is no time limit on any level and any time you “die”, you may begin the level again keeping all the points you scored on your previous level(s) without having to start the whole game over again.

As with all other Neopets Game Challenges, you may play for free against AAA and Abigail respectively, or you may purchase a ticket for 200 Neocash to challenge Lulu in addition to AAA and Abigail. As always, Abigail has the lowest score to beat. If you score 40,000 or more, you will receive the book Flying Without Wings – A Warrior’s Tale. Reaching AAA’s score of 100,000 is quite trickier, but if you do manage to reach or surpass it, you will receive the Grappling Hook which may be used either as a toy or a wearable item. If you choose to purchase a ticket and challenge Lulu, you must reach or surpass her score of 60,000 to receive your prize the Giant Tree Background.

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