Busy Month for Petpets

January was a busy month for Petpets at the Neopet Petpet Puddle and now several of your favorite Petpets can be painted new colors! The Maractite Paintbrush, which was recently voted Neopets’ players favorite new Paintbrush, has an ever growing list of Neopets that may painted with this fabulous new style. Now the Petpets want in on the action! A new Maractite Petpet Paintbrush is now available. As of now, this special Paintbrush can only be used on a select group of Petpets, but it’s a safe guess that others will be added soon. The Slorg, Blurgah, Dartail and Gallion are the first four Petpets which can be painted Maractite and they look pretty great! That’s not all that’s new if your Neopet is the proud owner of a Dartail. The Dartail and Ganuthor can also be painted with a Faerie Petpet Paintbrush. In other Petpet Puddle news, the Gulper and Naalala can be painted with the Mutant Petpet Paintbrush and the Gypmu and Marlock can be painted with the Snow Petpet Paintbrush. If you own any of these specific Petpets and they could use a new style, start browsing Neopets’ shops for a chance to snag one of these snazzy new Petpet Paintbrushes!

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