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You Won A Free Cybunny!

Congratulations froggielog! You have won my red Cybunny! You will be neomailed by wurly_girly, and once you receive that neomail and have replied to it, the Cybunny will be transferred to your Neopets account. Make sure you have one pet space available–the transfer will not go through if you have 4 pets already! To all other contestants, thank you for entering and stay tuned for the next NeopetsFanatic giveaway! If … Continue reading

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Win a Free Cybunny!

Hey everyone! I was just going through my old accounts trying to find things to use in giveaways for my fans, and I found my very first Neopets account that I made back in the day, and the account has a red Cybunny. It’s a female, named ‘cotten_candy808’, 3,664 days old. And she’s going to be a prize FOR FREE to one lucky person, which could be anybody participating in … Continue reading


Guide to your Neopets User Lookup

New page added! Guide To Your Neopets User Lookup. Learn everything you need to know about your Neopets user lookup, what everything means, how to customize it, and how to get more trophies, beads, etc.


The Ultimate Neopets Cheats Site is Back!

Hey everybody! It’s Chloe here announcing my sincere apology to all my readers and fans about the downtime on last month. We were in the process of doing some changes which caused the site to go down for a while. But the good news is, that won’t need to happen again! I also have to apologize for the lack of blog posts since the end of March–we had a … Continue reading


Buy Neopoints

Buy neopoints. It’s what every Neopets user wanted to do until Neopets finally came out with Neocash. But Neocash is slightly different than neopoints: Neocash is another form of Neopian currency. You can use it to buy exclusive Neopets items such as clothes, accessories and backgrounds for your Neopet, as well as furniture for your Neohome from the NC Mall, which cannot be bought using neopoints. But unlike neopoints, Neocash … Continue reading

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Blogger and Site Editor Wanted

Hey everyone! If you would like to work for as a blogger or a page editor, you should apply right away! You will get paid, and you can include this as a job on your resume; this counts as work experience! Email me at with your applications! What to include in your application email: Everyone: – Your full name – Your age – How long you’ve been playing … Continue reading


New Neopets Fanatic Blogger

Hi guys! I’m Ashley πŸ™‚ I’m a person who likes Neopets just like you! I still do play it often even though I have school and sports! I still do miss the old Neopets sidebars (instead of the new top bar) though πŸ™ The site will be updated more. So I’ll see you guys around soon! I’ll post on random events, items, times for events, as well as where you … Continue reading

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Neopets Scams and Scam Sites

First, no matter what, for absolutely NO reason, under NO circumstances whatsoever, EVER give your password to ANYONE for ANYTHING at any time. Neopets will NEVER ever ask for it, so know right off the bat anyone who does is up to no good and trying to scam you. TNT can freeze your account without you knowing Γ’β‚¬β€œ why would they ever need your password? That having been said, here … Continue reading


Have an idea for Let’s hear it!

Hey everyone, I just had an idea. I’m sitting here trying to think what you guys would like added to the site, but I’m stuck. And then it dawned on me–why don’t I ASK you? So I invite you all to voice your opinions on what you would like to see on the site. A page on how to get restricted/limited edition pets? A discussion forum? A unique username you … Continue reading


More Neopets Freebies!

Hi everybody! I just added a bunch more ways to earn free neopoints and items to the Freebies page! Go check it out! My Freebies page is a super fast way to get to all the daily to-do’s done on Neopets, like collect bank interest, spin the Fruit Machine, get your free omelette, jelly, etc, as well as new ways to earn fast free neopoints! I have links to everything, … Continue reading