Daily Faerie Quests

As promised last week, the Neopets Faeries do indeed have something very special going on for the next couple of weeks! Instead of being randomly assigned, Neopets players can get a Faerie Quest every day when they visit Faerieland until February 24th. Faeries from each of the elements will take turns giving out quests, so they may end up asking for quite a variety of items. Don’t feel like going on a quest? No problem! Whether or not you accept the quest, the Neopets Faeries will give you a free gift every day just for stopping by. This event is all in a joint effort to restore Faerieland after its recent destruction by Xandra during the Faeries’ Ruin plot. If you want free gifts and daily Faerie quests, you better act fast because after February 24th, the Faeries will go back to their tradition of assigning you the occasional quests at random times.

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