Neopets Avatars

Below is a complete list of Neopets avatars including:

  • Neopets Item Avatars
  • Neopets Battledome Avatars
  • Neopets Pet Avatars
  • Petpet Avatars
  • Neopets Game Avatars
  • Neopets Retired Avatars

Nyah! Avatar

Visit the Lookup of a Baby Kougra.
The Kougra needs to be less than 50 days old, otherwise you can’t get it. This means any Kougra I list here will stop working and I WILL need a new name

Ugg Ugg Avatar

Visit the Lookup of an Tyrannian Jubjub

Still Angry Avatar

Visit the Janitor in Altador

Icy Avatar

Visit the Lookup of an Ice Hissi

King Avatar

Visit the Hall of Heroes, King Altador’s Statue

Mutant Quiggle Avatar

Visit the Lookup of a Mutant Quiggle

Island Krawk Avatar

Visit the Lookup of a Island Krawk with an Island Petpet attached

Colorful Chomby Avatar

Visit the Lookup of a Rainbow Chomby

Nightsteed Avatar

Visit the Lookup of a Halloween Uni between 8pm nst and 6am nst

Beware Avatar

Visit the Lookup of a Halloween Mynci

Ouch Avatar

Visit the Lookup of a ill (has a sickness) Mutant Tonu Other possibly sick ones, here & here & here (all these are ill at the time of adding to Nutty)

Mutant Lenny Avatar

Visit the Lookup of a Mutant Lenny. It appears at the bottom of the page

Anubis Avatar

Visit the Lookup of a Desert Pet, with an unpainted Anubis attached another here

To War! Avatar

Visit The Lookup of an Elephante that has battled

Attack Mode

Visit The Buzz Caption Contest Page, in your browser select View, go to source, press ctrl f in the text file that opens, in the search box type buzz1, an area looking similar to this – /games/caption/caption_archive.phtml?buzz1=10653512476 (the numbers are different for everyone) will appear, you must insert before the slash, then the complete link can be entered into the browser address bar, viewing that link will get you the avatar

Disco Aisha Avatar

Visit The Lookup of a Disco Aisha

Snuffly Avatar

Visit the Lookup of an aged Snuffly

Wanna Be Friends Avatar

Visit the Lookup of a Mutant Bruce

Usul – Royal Boy Avatar

Visit the Lookup of a Male Royal Usul

Cyodrake Avatar

Visit a lookup of a Cyodrake

Darkest Avatar

View the Darkest Faerie Card here between 10pm NST and 5am NST

Faerie Pteri Avatar

Visit a Faerie Pteri’s lookup

Royalty Avatars

You can only get ONE of these avatars. If you want the female korbat, change your gender to male and visit Arrenius If you want the male korbat, change your gender to female and visit

LittleAriadne Gender can be changed Understand clearly you MUST choose gender BEFORE visiting a pet lookup

Bah! Avatar

Visit a Baby Jetsam’s Lookup

Grumpy Avatar

Visit a SICK (0 hp) Plushie Bori at the time of writing this works

Darkhand Avatar

View the Neodeck card – Galem Darkhand via the side searchbar

Avast Avatar

Visit a Pirate Poogle’s lookup

Spardel Avatar

Visit here you need to go to the very bottom of the page to see the avatar, or any Spardel’s lookup

Villain Avatar

Visit a Halloween Meerca’s lookup

Scarabug Avatar

Visit here you need to go to the very bottom of the page, or any Scarabug’s lookup

Pounce Avatar

Visit a Camouflage Pet’s lookup

Peo Avatar

Visit a Purple Peophin’s lookup

Rock On Avatar

1. just go to

2. right click on the page and then select view source
3. hit ctrl+f and type in avatar
4. then copy and paste the link it gives you into your address bar

Sophie the Swamp Witch Avatar

Visit the Halloween Paintbrushes page in the Haunted Woods

Float Avatar

Visit a Rainbow Flotsam’s lookup

Angered Avatar

Visit a Male Royal Acara’s lookup

Star Gazer Avatar

Visit a Starry Kau’s lookup

Baby Avatar

Visit a Baby Nimmo’s lookup

Aaay Avatar

Change your shopkeeper to Quiggle Bandit and view your shop front, Changing your shopkeeper from Emo Usuki will lose you that one, BUT you can get it back again and NOT lose the new one (visiting a shop of someone using the Quiggle Bandit shopkeeper also works, here is another)

Yarrble Avatar

Visit a Pirate Yurble’s lookup

Moach Avatar

View the lookup of a petpet that has a Moach attached

Zomutt Avatar

Visit here you need to go to the very bottom, or any Zomutt’s lookup

Avast Snort Avatar

Visit a Pirate Moehog’s lookup

Niptor Avatar

Visit here you need to go to the very bottom, or any Niptor’s lookup

ouch Avatar

Visit a Clay Pet’s lookup

Who me? Avatar

Visit a Pink Cybunny’s lookup

Haiku Avatar

visit The Haiku Generator and refresh a LOT

Gloomy Avatar

Visit here when the weather is gloomy/rainy, it works at the other weather locations if it is gloomy

Captain Scarblade Avatar

Visit here

Good or Bad Avatar

Visit the Chapter 5 plot page Curse of Maraqua

Maraquan Avatar

Visit any Maraquan Chomby Lookup

Woo!!! Avatar

Visit here, or any pet’s lookup that has a Slugawoo

Spot Avatar

Visit any Spotted Gelert’s Lookup

Raindorf Avatar

Visit here, or any pet’s lookup that has a Raindorf

I *heart* Happiness

You must have and be using the I *heart* Sloth avatar then click here

Baby Buzz

in the search bar (the one on the left sidebar) type “i love baby buzz!” (don’t forget the ! and without the “”)

Fiery Avatar

Visit any Fire Pteri’s lookup

Ohemgee Avatar

Visit here or any other Royal Bruce. This appears to be the only one in Neopia so please don’t bug the owner of this pet

Jolly Wreathy Avatar

Visit here or any Wreathy’s lookup

Bleh Avatar

Click here

Colourful Avatar

click here or visit any Rainbow Korbat’s lookup

Back Off!’ Avatar

Visit here or any mutant Draik’s lookup

Island Mystic Avatar

Visit the Island Mystic The fortune he gives you must have Kyrii in it

Doomed Avatar

Go to the Game Graveyard and refresh a LOT If you hold down the F5 key, that does the refreshing very quickly

Emo Usuki Avatar

Change your shop keeper to the Usul – gothic, then visit your own shop front. WARNING!!!! if you change your shopkeeper afterwards and visit your shop front the avatar WILL be taken away – you can always get it back again though. It has been said that if you keep the shopkeeper for a month then you can change it and not lose it, but this is NOT true, if you change the shopkeeper and DON’T visit your shop front you won’t lose it

Goldy Avatar

Visit here or any Goldy lookup

Jeran – Hero Avatar

Visit the Battle for Meridell war room

Ruki Avatar

Visit a Ruki’s lookup, you can see one here

Lord Kass minion Avatar

Visit Lord Kass’s Gallery of Evil entry here

Dark Peophin Avatar

Go to a Darigan Peophin’s lookup

Cracked Avatar

Visit a Baby Pteri’s lookup, here is another

It’s Alive Avatar

Visit here you need to go to the very bottom, or any Faellie’s lookup

Neomail Avatar

Random event when clicking on Neomails, you can also get it by refreshing your Neomail inbox A LOT, you also get it when you sign up for Neopets Premium, and NO I CAN’T HELP YOU SIGN UP, however the people here can Premium Details , sending the neomails with I love neomails does NOT work, thats how it was when the avatar was first released, what I have stated is the CURRENT ways of getting the avatar

Battle JubJub Avatar

Visit here (or any painted Jubjub’s lookup)

Grundo Warehouse Avatar

Go to Grundo Warehouse in virtupets space station and enter A384J-228P1 on the left column where it says 10 character code ~ It is case sensitive so remember to enter the code in caps

Yurble Avatar

Visit a Yurble’s lookup

Helpful Zafara Avatar

Search for “avatar ” repeatedly on the Help Page, (just type avatar in the help box help and refresh until you get it)

Plushie Eyrie Avatar

Go to post a new topic Put squawk as the topic title and topic message and nothing else. no quotes, no other words. JUST squawk and squawk alone. Make sure you spell it right Click Create Topic You should get the random event, and the board will not be created.

Techo Master Avatar


Dr Death Avatar

Visit Dr Death at the abandon desk in the adoption center, (you don’t have to disown a pet, just visit the page)

Aisha Defender Avatar

The page may tell you to enter the Defenders Arena, enter then you will get the avatar. If you have entered the arena previously the link will take you directly to the avatar

Lupe Defender Avatar


Maraquan Krawk Avatar

Visit a Maraquan Krawk’s lookup page: click here

Angelpuss Angel Avatar


Grey Faerie Avatar


Pirate Aisha Avatar


Pirate Scorchio Avatar


Pirate Shoyru Avatar


Pirate Krawk Avatar


Faerie Grundo Avatar

Visit a Faerie Grundo’s lookup

Usuki Avatars

Watch the Usuki Advert HERE then close the advert and refresh your chat prefs page to get both Avatars


(you will need to actually have an item)

Koi Bubble Avatar

Have a Koi Plushie in your inventory and Visit the Lookup of a Koi’s Lookup

Just a Costume Avatar

Have a sloth item in your inventory and Visit the Lookup of a Halloween Moehog, Sloth Ruler & Sloth Faerie Plushie (currently) are cheap items

Speckled Avatar

Feed speckled food to your pet, if you have a skeith or grarrl you can feed them a non food speckled item (all speckled items have had the prices go completely mad)

Plush Avatar

Visit the Lookup of a Plushie Cybunny, whilst having a plushie in your inventory

YBIC Avatar

Take your pet to a Yes Boy Ice-Cream concert, buy a ticket (I put up the daily concerts on the home page, so check daily to see if they are playing)

Charmer Avatar

Take your pet to a Jub Zambra and the Cobrall Charmers concert, buy a ticket (I put up the daily concerts on the home page, so check daily to see if they are playing)

Burninate Avatar

You have to have a scorchio plushie in your inventory (any colour will do) then visit the page of a TCG Album which has the Scordrax Card, the Avatar appears at the bottom

Visit the Lookup of a Starry Gelert, while you have an item with the word Starry in the name

Sneaky Avatar

You need to have the Zafara Double Agent Plushie in your inventory then look up Zafara Double Agent where it says search neopets (left sidebar)

Nabile Avatar

By viewing Nabile’s Neopedia entry while having a Scarab Ring or any kind of Ring like Cheap Water Ring in your inventory.

Tomos Avatar

Have an item with Scarab in the name, in your inventory – like Burnt Scarab Cookie, JUST 1np out if you have more than 1np out it WILL NOT WORK and visit here

Robo Avatar

Put a Robo pet item in your neohome (like Robo Chia), robo quiggles do work if you change language to japanese (2nd one from the bottom) before adding it to you’re neohome

Tasty Avatar

Feed your pet an item with the word Custard in the name (I used Chilled Eyeball Custard) There’s a possibly cheaper way then the chilled eyeball custard. buy a Illusen creme cookie or strawberries and cream baby food, change your language to Portuguese and then feed them the cookie.  – Ania_the_fae

King Kelpbeard

Have a Maracite weapon in your inventory and visit King Kelpbeard TCG You must give the owner collateral at least the value of the item and please return the item as soon as you can, deadlyboy123 (maractite net, collateral 70k), miztt4279 (Maractite Spear, collateral 20k), Luv_is_painful39 (maractite cord, collateral 50k), koskyl (Enchanted Maraquan Necklace, collateral 14k)

Candy Avatar

Buy and break open one of the new pinata toys, NOT the furniture ones, only these four work, Balthazar Pinata, Hubrid Nox Pinata, Meuka Pinata and Vira Pinata

Dark Nova Avatar

Equip a Dark Nova or Scroll of Dark Nova to your pet

Haunted Avatar

Equip a Spooky Weapon to your pet (it doesn’t have to be a Scorchio) List of Weapons – Patched Magic Hat, Dusty Magic Broom, Enchanted Cobweb, Scary Spider, Spider on a String, Jar of Spiders, Ethereal Sword, Spooky Slime, Pumpkin Stick, Pumpkin Club, Bone Sword, Pot of Darkness, Glowing Cauldron, Spooky Rubber Axe, Haunted Shield, Demonic Bow, Cursed Elixir

Beauty Avatar

Groom your pet, any grooming item will do

Plushie Tonu Avatar

Donate any item with the word Plushie in the title to the Money Tree, do NOT use quickstock to donate

Achyfi Yuck! Avatar

Feed your pet anything with Juice OR Drink in the title

Jazz Avatar

Take your pet to Jazzmosis concert. buy a ticket (we put up the daily concerts on the home page, so check daily to see if they are playing)

Tooth Faerie Avatar

Random Event

Garlic’d Avatar

Feed your pet an item with the word Garlic in it, Garlic Bread Halves is the obvious, feeding a Skeith a Garlic Shield. This is now working again with Garlic items, old ways with Leeks DO NOT work, Language changing options include : Funnydew Melon – Portuguese – any pet Palm Fan – French or Italian – Grarrl/Skeith Brightvale Flags Stained Glass Window – French – Grarrl/Skeith from _green_day_06_

Broken Avatar

Visit the Broken Toy Repair Shop and have him try to fix a toy, not all broken toys have fixed versions (you still get the avatar even if he doesn’t fix the item)

mmm… Toasty Avatar

Have an item, with Bread (NOT toast, toasted Pyramibread works because of the word bread) in the title, in your inventory and visit Techo Mountain (MUST be this url)

Do Not Eat Avatar

Feed you pet an item with the word carrot in (Carrot and Pea omelette is the cheapest)

Gnome Avatar

Have any item with Gnome in the title in your items and visit the garden shop

Kiko Ninja Avatar

Have the Niten Hiroru card in your inventory, and go to the Neopedia article

Vira Avatar

You must have a mirror (any item with mirror in the title) in your inventory, then visit Vira – Gallery of Evil

Lab Ray Avatar

You lab has to change your pets species – (This requires collecting the Secret Laboratory Map (no other map will work) you need all 9 pieces to complete the map)

Magical Kau Avatar

You must use a Morphing Potion on ANY pet, NOTE this doesn’t include Transmogrification Potions

Fyora Day Avatar

allow your pet to play with a Faerie Queen Doll, From the hidden tower – Cost : 2,000,000 NP

Fire Paw Avatar

You have to add Fire Paw into your NeoDeck

Groovy Chomby Avatar

Take your pet to Chomby & the fungus balls concert. buy a ticket (we put up the daily concerts on the home page, so check daily to see if they are playing)

Faboo Avatar

You need to buy an item of clothing from uni fashion with a rarity of 80+ – click here Balthazar T-Shirt, Blue Bogie T-Shirt, Blue Cap, Blue Khonsu T-Shirt, Erisim T-Shirt, Green JubJub Cap, Green Marbleman Tshirt, Hasee T-Shirt, I Love Buzzer T-Shirt, I Love Chezzoom T-Shirt, I Love Faerie Cadro T-Shirt, I Love Hornsby T-Shirt, I Love Kadoatie T-Shirt, I Love Khamette T-Shirt, I Love Lyins T-Shirt, I Love My Mutant Faellie Shirt, I Love Scarabug T-Shirt, I Love Selket T-Shirt, I Love Splyke T-Shirt, I Love Spyder T-Shirt, I Love Tenna T-Shirt, I Love Turtums T-Shirt, I Love Wadjet T-Shirt, Jubjub T-shirt, Krawk T-Shirt, Leather Jacket, Lord Kass Halloween Costume, Lucky Fishing Boots, Orange Cap, Pinceron T-Shirt, Pink Blooky T-Shirt, Pink Flosset T-Shirt, Pink Kadoatie T-Shirt, Pink Walein T-Shirt, Red Cap, Red Marbleman Tshirt, Straw Hat, Studded Collar, War Chia Top, Yellow Avabot T-Shirt, Yellow Buzzer T-Shirt, Yellow Kookith T-Shirt, Yellow Moltenore T-Shirt, Yellow Mortog T-Shirt, Yellow Ramosan T-Shirt, Yellow Sunutek T-Shirt, Yellow Zebba T-Shirt

Pack Rat Avatar

Have 1000 (or more) DIFFERENT items in your SDB, here is a list as a GUIDE

Alien Aisha Avatar

To get this you need play the vending machine (Use any kind of nerkmid – basic golden are usually the cheapest, but check the shop wiz)

Snorkle Avatar

Feed your pet a Snorkle Snout

I Love My Rock Avatar

Buy a Sticks and Stones Concert Ticket and go to the Concert

Let it Snow Avatar

Have the Icy Snowflake in your items and CLICK HERE (you have to make sure the weather is below freezing or it won’t work)

Lost Desert Stamp Avatar

Complete the Lost Desert Stamp Collection

Haunted Woods Stamp Avatar

Complete the Haunted Woods Stamp Collection

Tyrannia Stamp Avatar

Complete the Tyrannia Stamp Collection<

Virtupets Stamp Avatar

Complete the Virtupets Stamp Collection>

Mystery Island Stamp Avatar

Complete the Mystery Island Stamp Collection

Evil Fuzzle Avatar

play with a BLUE Evil Fuzzle, until BOO! you get the avatar (this can take many, many attempts, best to keep your item popup box open and keep refreshing, it does scare your chosen pet though and makes it unhappy)

I’m Smelly Avatar

Have 10 different items with the word dung in, in your inventory and refresh

Chokato Avatar

Have the Chokato TCG in your items and refresh.

Mad About Orange Avatar

Hold at least 8 different items with the word orange in, in your inventory and refresh (I have known it happen with 8 items, also some people have said they had up to 12)

Pant Devil Avatar

Have a specific hidden tower item in your inventory and refresh (a lot) Make sure you fill your items up with junk just incase he decides to take something. Not all items attract him, We used Tiki Armour, it seems to work on weapons 1 mill and above. (e.g. Fire & Ice Blade, Werelupe Sword, Meukas Snot Trail, Mystery Palm Shield, Clawed Shield, Faerie Slingshot & Fruit Bowl. (please let me know if you discover any other items that work

Codestones Avatar

Have the full set of 10 original codestones on your inventory and refresh. (may need lots of refreshes)

MSPP Avatar

Have the Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie (TCG) in your inventory and refresh.

Chocolate Avatar

Buy an item from the Chocolate Shop with a Rarity of 90 or over: Click Here (check the gourmet food page to see list)

Soup Faerie Avatar

Random Event (you may have to visit many times) – your pet must be fed by the Soup Faerie (Only really poor people (under 3,000 NP) can get handouts at the Soup Kitchen.) you can take your neopoints and make an offer on something like a Faerie queen doll. They won’t accept it but you won’t have the neopoints until they reject or you withdraw so you can go to the soup faerie.

Faerie Queen Avatar

Buy any Item from the Hidden Tower, cheapest is Squeezy Tombola Guy Toy, there is NO random event, just check your chat prefs

Adam Avatar

have the same amount of Neopoints out as Adam has: Click Here

Dr Sloth Avatar

Random Event


(you will need to battle your pets)

Bob Avatar

Lose to Punchbag Bob’s evil twin Sid Here’s some information about the punchingbag bob avvie I have found:
1. you challenge punchbag bob. The name will not change
2. his difficulty is 100 when he is really sid
3. He has 2000 hitpoints instead of 5000 that bob has.
4. He is available randomly and is there at the start of the fight.
(Just refresh at the BD challenger page. When Bobs difficulty changes – rush in and take the blow) There is no need to have any BD items. I used defend and no items with my active pet and got the avatar. He is randomly available at certain times. Guess if you lurk on avatar board youll spot when people go crazy shouting “SID IS IN THE BD”

A splode Avatar

Fight the 1 Player Challenger Balthazar and LOSE (not the Inflatable Balthazar, your pet doesn’t have to be a Lupe), 1 Player challenges against anyone with YOUR Lupe and you lose also works

Tough Avatar

Own a Shoyru and WIN a 1 Player Battledome fight, Inflatable Balthazar is the easiest

Charge Avatar

Battle a Darigan Tonu These kind people do not insist on gifts or tips, but should you wish to send them something as a Thank You that would probably be appreciated An act of incredible kindness the following people have agreed to allow people to challenge them, please follow the instructions they state and above all be POLITE AND PATIENT and DO NOT use weapons against them that will make them ill/change colour/species fufu50 – I do not charge anything to fight in the battledome. All I do ask is that you enter the battledome as soon as possible and also leave it and end the fight. That way I am not held up and stuck in a fight for 30 minutes. o_zhean_o  – only rules are no poisoning and no species/color changing items like Chia flour or poisonous snowflake. – Please follow the instructions on my lookup blkmoondragoness – as above no poisoning or species/colour changing etc – Real life means she is taking a break for a while, so cannot help for the avatar for the time being, the name has been left at her request incase she has more time for Neo again

Valiant Avatar

Win against any 1 Player challenger complete the fight and at the page where is shows your pet, the trophy and the loser, It is random and may take LOTS of battles (refreshing NO LONGER works)

Wanna Fight? Avatar

Challenge and fight a Jetsam in the Battledome (it doesn’t matter if you win or lose), if you own a Jetsam doing a 1 player fight also works after the fight, press NEXT on the status page to receive your avatar. draikonor, deathmachine1992, knightmon124, huangchihang, lupe_lover934, th3_d3mon, joe4412,  dragonfly7892572, river_dragon,, deadlyboy123, tesse500000000, Jadd1212 Inflination have volunteered their Jetsams for this avatar, please treat them with respect, please neomail before challenging. I am seriously unhappy that some people are using poisonous weapons and making the Jetsams ill, these Jetsam owners are volunteering their pets out of kindness and are suffering because of it, DO NOT use any weapon that will do harm or change species against these volunteers or I WILL remove
ALL the names

Ghost Lupe

you need to beat the Ghost Lupe in the Battledome Go to 131 soup alley to get him as a opponent.

Snotty Avatar

You need to beat Meuka in the Battledome To get him you – Get Sneezles or Neoflu and take a look at your Quick Ref – currently the Wheel of Excitement Skull is giving Bubbles, but changes randomly, alternatively try the Wheel of Misfortune

Kasuki Lu – Heeyah Avatar

Beat Kasuki Lu in the Battledome – to get him as an opponent you must look as his collectable card in your items.

Black Pteri Avatar

Defeat the Black Pteri in the Battledome The event to get him is random

Heermeedjet & Meerouladen Avatars

You need to gain Heermeedjet and Meerouladen as Battledome Challengers, defeat then and then report back to the Defender Headquarters. (mission 8 of Defenders of Neopia) To get them as Battledome challengers Visit the Desert Trapdoor and refresh (a lot) (if you get an old book, ignore it is from an old mystery)

Space Faerie Avatar

Defeat the Space Faerie in the Battledome To get her you must redeem an item code HERE


(you need to own a specific type of pet)

Snow Day Avatar

you must OWN a snow pet (100+ days old) and visit its look up.

Hatched Avatar

You need to OWN a Draik, make it your active pet and visit the Draiks Nest

Fire Blumaroo Avatar

Own a Fire Blumaroo and have an aged 30 days Fire petpet (includes Baby Fireball) possibly problems may occur if the petpet is Mazzew, Snicklebeast etc that have other avatars associated

Mummified Avatar

Own a Halloween Ruki that has an aged Mummy Baby (30+ days) attached and view it’s lookup

Spotted Tuskaninny Avatar

Own a Tuskaninny, have an item with the word Spotted in the name, in your inventory (Lesser Spotted Fish is currently cheapest) and visit your Tuskaninny’s lookup

Ghost Avatar

You need to take your Krawk Pet (not petpet) to the Fungus Cave – Yes this means you need to OWN a Krawk Pet

Pink Avatar

Feed something with Popcorn in the name to a Pink pet, feeding Candy Corn Classic to your pink pet in German/Deutsch will apparently also get you the av

Wicked Avatar

Feed your Lenny a Spooky Food

Quiggle Day Avatar

You must OWN, an Island Quiggle, and visit its lookup

Super Pea Avatar

You need to equip a Super Attack Pea, to a Pea Chia

Forever Orange Avatar

You must OWN an Orange Grundo and go to its lookup.

*SIGH* Avatar

You must OWN a Grey pet and look at its lookup

Bless you, Shoyru Avatar

You need to bless a Shoyru with a bottled faerie, Bottled Earth Faerie’s or Air Faerie’s seem to work the best

Kacheek Swim Avatar

Take your Kacheek to the Beach on Mystery Island, (make sure it’s your active pet)

Elephante Surprise Avatar

Feed your Elephante a “Bag of Peanuts”

Buzzin’ Avatar

You have to paint your Buzz at the Rainbow Fountain, you need a Fountain Faerie quest to be able to do this

Mutant JubJub Avatar

Turn your pet into a Mutant using Transmogrification Potion, Moehog is generally the cheapest

Were Lupe Avatar

You must own a Halloween Lupe – look at it the pets lookup

Jetsam Chomp Avatar

If you have a Jetsam feed any aquatic petpet to it, Pepito, Sproing, Peadackle or Catamara are possibly the cheapest

Grarrl Warrior Avatar

Equip your Grarrl with either the Bony Grarrl Club, or the Horned Grarrl Slingshot (please do not create yet another pet to do this, there is hundreds in the pound) The chances of getting this avatar are slim as the item(s) are incredibly rare

Coconut Avatar

If you have a Coconut JubJub feed it a Coconut Cocktail (you can only get Coconut JubJub at the fountain or the lab ray)

Hungry Skeith Avatar

Feed an item that contains the word Skeith, to a Skeith, cheapest is a Skeith Juice Cocktail, Cheese Skeith usually doesn’t work and gives the Skeith Neezles (please do not create yet another pet to do this, there is hundreds in the pound)


(you need to own a specific type of petpet)

Durp Avatar

Have a Quadrapus attached for 60 days then go to your Pet Lookup

Snicklebeast Avatar

Attach a Snicklebeast to your pet for 61+ days go to your pet lookup page (if you attach it in any language other than your normal one then you may not get the avatar)

Huggy Avatar

Attach a Huggy to your pet for 99+ days go to your pet lookup page (if you attach it in any language other than your normal one then you may not get the avatar)

Harris Avatar

Attach a Harris to your pet for 99+ days go to your pet lookup page (if you attach it in any language other than your normal one then you may not get the avatar)

Gruslen Avatar

Attach a Gruslen to your pet for 99+ days go to your pet lookup page (if you attach it in any language other than your normal one then you may not get the avatar)

Mazzew Avatar

Attach a Mazzew to your pet for 221 days. go to your pet lookup page (if you attach it in any language other than your normal one then you may not get the avatar)

Whee Avatar

You must have a Snowbunny attached to your pet for over 1 year (365+ days), go to your pet lookup page, via pet name search and refresh (it is possible if you attach it in any language other than your normal one then you won’t get the avatar)

Slorg Avatar

You must have a slorg attached to your pet for over 100 days, go to your pet lookup (if you attach it in any language other than your normal one then you may not get the avatar)

Hungry Drackonack Avatar

Have a Drackonack and many Cheese items in your inventory and keep refreshing until the Drackonack eats a piece (Make sure there is cheese either side of him in your inventory and if possible no other items)

Mootix Avatar

Equip a Mootix to your petpet, and refresh the Quick Ref page (to equip a Mootix, put it in your inventory and refresh (a lot) make sure your have your items full, in case the Pant Devil decides to strike, also you can not un-equip the Petpet without the Mootix disappearing, so you can’t borrow/lend them)

Angelpuss Avatar

Give an Angelpuss to your pet, and refresh the Quick Ref page

Meowclops Avatar

Give a Meowclops to your pet, and refresh the Quick Ref page


(you will need to play a game or do something)

An excellent series of guides for some of the games can be found here

Emote Avatar

Post these smilies in this order WITHOUT spaces. Type them out, copy and paste does not seem to work:)*angry*:(thats

with NO other text in the reply box. DO NOT MAKE A NEW BOARD!, IT WORKS ON EXISTING BOARDS! (Avatars/Neosigs boards ONLY)

YBIC Avatar

Take your pet to a Yes Boy Ice-Cream concert, buy a ticket (I put up the daily concerts on the home page, so check daily to see if they are playing)

Charmed Avatar

Take your pet to a Jub Zambra and the Cobrall Charmers concert, buy a ticket (I put up the daily concerts on the home page, so check daily to see if they are playing)

Feed Me

Score 1200+ in Feed Florg (other report say you have to get into the high score table, this has only been mentioned once and cant be confirmed yet)

Faerie Bubbles

Score 2000+ in Faerie Bubbles

Herder Avatar

Score 250+ on Extreme Herder

Symol Avatar

Random Event at the Symol Hole – To do this you MUST have a petpet attached

Revenge is Sweet Avatar

Score 2250+ at Whack-a-Staff (possibly 2225 might get it)

Heads Avatar

Score 320 and collect np at Double or Nothing

Cheesy Avatar

Random Cheeseroller – Select Warty Blue Cheese (2700np), is the one that worked for me with Hold Steady, win, finish in less than a minute (Spicy Juppie Cheese is just 150np)

Volcano Run Ouch Avatar

Score 3500+ at Volcano Run

Stop Thief

score 1100+ at Grand Theft Ummagine an excellent guide can be found here (when petpages decide to work)

Terror Avatar

score 3600+ at Typing Terror

Oops Avatar

you need your petpet to be turned into a pile of soot by the Petpet Laboratory Map

Smooch Avatar

Random when you win 4 rounds of Kiss the Mortog and collect your winnings

Lost Avatar

Random when you manage to retrieve an item in the Deserted Tomb (you can only visit once a day)

Wise, Powerful & Crazy Avatar

Copied from the lookup of coruscatebleu  You get it playing Neoquest 1, you have to beat the Archmagus of Roo in the Temple of Roo, then give the Clouded Gem to Erick the Crazy Bunny

Fishing Avatar

catch a Titanic Giant Squid at the Underwater Cavern, seen at last, the pet had a fishing Level of 94 an excellent guide by the first known owner of the avatar is here, a pet with a fishing level 84 has got the avatar

To the Rescue Avatar

Score 250+ at Petpet Rescue

Top Gamer Avatar

Play 250 DIFFERENT games (with scores) and visit your scores page (with the new avatar needing so many games to be played I have made a page for ALL the scoring Sponsor games, if you know of any I have missed, regardless of what language, please email me)

Premium Avatar

You must refer 4 people to Premium Neopets. (they must continue after the free trial is up) Only certain people can refer, I am NOT one of them chipperkitten ceejay1967 _ash500_ bethen5 Sinclairsecurity aylomen22 bigben7175 & ae2clowes & Mattsplat52 & Casper_viel & jk1971 & pink_water_faerie23 & crochunter251 & bebachula & gravytrain62 & xxfaeriebabyxx & starbreezekitty & rachsalb & lynnmarlow123987neo & Scoobechick53 aschmuhl279 & summer_sky85 & moon1315 & kitkat2099 & sillyboy2000 & fikshunpink7 & joescorchy & kimberly21368 & eminemslilsupergurl & lilangel002 & mechelmel & purringfox have volunteered to refer people, but you must ask them POLITELY (to take part in the trial you MUST have a real life credit card/Paypal, do NOT ask for an invite if you don’t have this) These people can refer you to premium, they CANNOT get you the avatar, it also does NOT count towards the total as it appears at the end of the default list, you lose it if you stop paying for premium I AM NOT ADDING ANY MORE NAMES UNTIL SOME NAMES COME OFF!!!

Yuck Avatar

Get to Level 50 then QUIT/FLOOD in Sewage Surfer a game guide for getting the avatar can be found here

Meepit/Feepit Avatar

Score 3000+ at Meepit vs. Feepit

Bon Appetit Avatar

Visit the Kelp restaurant, After you get in, you have your dinner, cheapest thing on the menu is 7K so take lots of NP. When they “Doggy Bag” the leftovers is when you get the avie.  (links that worked the day the avatar came out don’t any longer) it is also random so you may have to visit repeatedly to get the avatar, I have made up a page with screenies here

Meep Avatar

Score 3500+ in Meepit Juice Break

Misfortune Avatar

Land on the Pile of Sludge and have an item turned to sludge at the Wheel of Misfortune

Destructo Avatar

Score 2500+ at Destruct-O-Match II

Spike Avatar

score 800+ at Mynci Beach Volleyball

Ice Cream Machine Avatar

score 14750+ at Ice Cream Machine (it might be lower)

Pull! Drat! Avatar

Visit here and pull the lever until the avatar eventually appears *BE WARNED EACH PULL, A HAND STEALS 100NP FROM YOU, people have reported losing anywhere between 200np and 275,000np* It is possible it works if you put your np in the bank

Ace Zafara Avatar

Score 550+ in Advert Attack extra tips can be found here

Must Keep Smiling Avatar

Random when you Play Kacheek Seek and find your pet

Scalawag Avatar

Random Event when you win a big prize at Buried Treasure costs 300np a go

Snow Faerie Avatar

Random when you complete a Snow Faerie Quest

Kiosk Avatar

Win at the Scratchcard Kiosk

Snowager Avatar

Very random event while visiting snowager when he is asleep (He is asleep 3 times a day 6 – 7 AM, 2 – 3 PM & 10 – 11 PM NST) and you get blasted

Dice Escape Avatar

Score 1000+ in Dice Escape

Attack of Slorgs Avatar

Score 1000+ in Attack of the Slorgs

Random Contest Avatar

Win a random contest

Got Dubloons Avatar

Train a pet at the Swashbuckling Academy and you will receive the avatar when the course completes (you need to press finish to get the avatar)

Hannah Avatar

Score 150,000+ points in Hannah and the pirate caves

Grarrl Keno Avatar

Match 4 eggs being hatched in Grarrl Keno (I heard people saying they got it at 3 eggs, but I had 3 eggs loads of times and didn’t get it- first time I matched 4 eggs, I got it) (Bet 1 NP, do a quick pick. After the numbers were revealed, just refresh that page. It will cost you 1 NP per refresh) – this is not a cheat,. just the quickest and cheapest way to get it, Neopets have now made this totally random (Neopets have made gambling games unavailable to young users so anyone underage WON’T be able to play this)

Petpet Sitter Avatar

score 2500+ at Petpet Sitter

Hungry Skeith Avatar

Score 1000+ at Jelly Processing Plant or Hungry Skeith

Gormball Avatar

Win a game of Gormball

Brainy Avatar

complete the Faerie Crossword answers on the home page daily

Poogle Racing Winner Avatar

Win the Poogle Races then press continue which will return you to the main Poogle races page

Smugglers Avatar

Score 800+ at Dubloon Disaster

Buzz Techo Avatar

Score 300+ at the buzzer game

Mew Avatar

feed 75 Kadoaties

Freak Grundo Avatar

Score 1250+ at Freaky Factory

Chase Avatar

score 1250+ at Meerca Chase II or 750+ at Meerca Chase I

Brightvale Avatar

Land on the star whilst playing the Wheel of Knowledge in Brightvale, it has been reported that landing on other things get it too

Deckswabber Avatar

Score 825 or 850+ at Deckswabber

King Skarl Avatar

random event when you tell the Grumpy Old King a joke and score under 300 (and get thrown out of his Kingdom)

Neopian Times Star Avatar

you have to have been published at least 10 times in the Neopian Times (this doesn’t include Editorial questions)

Lucky Roo Avatar

Win the Jackpot (Silver Dice) at Dice a Roo (Neopets have made gambling games unavailable to young users so anyone underage WON’T be able to play this)

MMM, snow Avatar

Score 5,000+ in Snowmuncher game help = Type buuuurrrrrrrrp and your bloat percentage goes down 50% (that’s 4 u’s & 8 r’s) once a game only

Game Over Avatar

Play Cliffhanger and LOSE

Shape Shifter Avatar

You get it by completing level 6 of Shape Shifter and then returning to the game’s main page – I am getting reports of needing to complete level 5 and reports saying level 6

Lord Kass Avatar

Score 850+ at Whack-A-Kass

Mediocre Avatar

Land on the 1000np on the Wheel of Mediocrity (this is VERY rare)

Sydney Avatar

You need to scratch off 3 winning squares on a scratchcard from the Deserted Fairground Kiosk.

Coco Roller Avatar

Go to Neopets Mobile and download the game and send in the score under your username. You need a specific type of mobile phone and a specific phone carrier. THIS COSTS ACTUAL MONEY!!!! An act of incredible kindness svalentine123, sawahsaurus, gamez555, december_blue1 will, if asked politely consider creating codes for people, you MUST be patient if you ask any of them – None of these ask for tips, but if you want to give them a gift as a Thank You then I am sure that would be appreciated

Turmaculus Avatar

Turmy has to eat your petpet, he is only awake at random times in the day for 15 minutes per time, if you can, change your petpet to a cheaper one.

Invaded Moehog Avatar

Random Event playing Invasion of Meridell

Tyranu Evavu Avatar

Play Tyranu Evavu and get a winning streak of 15+

Wheel of Monotony Avatar

Random event on the Wheel of Monotony this game is brain numbing, the avatar is supposed to be an event after the wheel stopped, Generally you must land on the ?, landing on other things sometimes work too, it can take over 2 hours for the wheel to stop

Cybunny Day Avatar

you have to beat a Bionic Cybunny in chapter/level 5, for those of you already finished NeoQuestII you are going to have to start all over again….sigh

Raiders of Maraqua Avatar

Score 800+ on Raiders of Maraqua

Pick your own Avatar

Pick Your Own get 6 items in the basket making sure NONE is a pile of dung and once you click to leave the farm you get the avatar – if you find dung you can click on it in the basket and discard it unless it is the sixth item

Gadgads Avatar

Score 1000+ in Gadgadsgame

Master Vex Avatar

when you play Cellblock – Quote from the Editorial – the avatar is not random. Not random at all. From what we’ve seen, not one person has actually figured out the real trick to getting the avatar. It may seem random, but it’s not by any means. I think it’s the only one we’ve ever really stumped people with. *cackle*

Dr Grumps Avatar

Score 900+ at Gourmet Club Bowls – type “shepherd” on the opening game, before you even start, you will hear a round of applause if it has worked, press continue, and you will receive double the score at the end of each round.

Neoquest II Weakling Avatar

you have to be beaten by a Plains Lupe in NeoQuestII

Devil Puss Avatar

you have to beat the Devilpuss in NeoQuestII its in chapter 5, which is Faerieland, Cumulonimbus

Lenny’s Rule Avatar

win a trophy (get in the first 250 to submit a correct answer) at Lenny Conundrum – (you will be awarded the avatar when you receive your prize)

Evil Eliv Thade Avatar

Score 1250+ points in The Castle of Eliv Thade. You only need to score around 950 points, then go to the crypt additional points for completing give enough for the avatar. To score 950 I recommend, that you go around all the rooms, then get back to where you started, and keep moving max spaces to get 7 letter words, each word correctly identified gives you 10 points, this may take a while to do, but its a good way to exceed 950

Blumaroo Court Jester Avatar

tell the Grumpy Old King a joke, and score at least 850/1000, a report is in of 851 NOT getting the avatar

Turtum Avatar

Score a minimum of 225 in Ultimate Bullseye

Chia Bomber Avatar

Score 1300+ points in Chia Bomber or the new Chia Bomber 2

Magax Avatar

Score 3000+ at MAGAX: Destroyer

Lucky Streak Avatar

get a 10 game winning streak in Bilge Dice

Blige Dice Avatar

a random event after getting the score of 24 (that’s 1 & 4 plus 4 sixes in a row) in Bilge Dice

Sutek’s Tomb Avatar

Score 2000+ at Sutek’s Tomb

Plushie Tycoon Avatar

Get a trophy at Plushie Tycoon

Deadly Dice Avatar

you must get a draw and replay for 2 levels at Deadly Dice – Open between 12AM and 1AM NST (that’s 8 o’clock UK time) (be careful he does take it back off you if you get a draw, if you play more after getting the avatar)

Extreme Potato Avatar

Score 200+ in Extreme Potato Counter

Avatar Collector Avatar

Get into the top 50 of the high scores in Avatar Collecting

Edna Avatar

Edna gives this out as a random event after completing one of her quests it could happen quickly (20-30) or could take 100’s of quests

Freaked Korbat Avatar

Get in the top 50 of the high scores in Korbat’s Lab

Escape from Meridell Castle Avatar

Get into the top 50 of the high scores at Escape from Meridell Castle

Capara Avatar

Win the First Round of Cheat (random)

Better Than You Avatar

Beat the Challenger: Click Here to Play

Grundo Snow Throw Avatar

Get in the top 50 of the high scores for Grundo Snow Throw

Jhudora Avatar

Complete Level 20 of Jhudora’s Cloud

Wheel Avatar

Win 10,000NP at the Wheel of Excitement

Illusen Glade Avatar

Complete Level 20 of Illusen’s Glade

Maths Nightmare Avatar

Get in the top 50 of the high scores in Maths Nightmare

RETIRED AVATARS (Some are available again only on certain days)

Seasonal Attack Pea Avatar

given out in the Advent Calendar

Meridell Shield Avatar

If you fought in the Meridell war on Meridell’s side view your lookup and refresh until you gain it.

Saved Mystery Island

The first 10,000 people to figure out the mystery island plot got this.

Free Jhuidah

You needed to free Jhuidah during the Mystery Island plot.

TCG Wizard

Given to the winners of the Neopets staff TCG Tournament

Darigan Shield Avatar

If you fought in the Meridell war on Darigan’s side view your lookup and refresh until you gain it.

Volcano Reward

The first 100 users to figured out the answer to the Mystery island Plot got this

I &heart; Sloth

Go here tick the accept box and answer C,D,B,C,A

Oh Yeah Avatar

after completing a Jhudora quest

Valentines Chia

you Send this greeting

Gadgadsbogen Avatar

Click here

TCG Tournament2 Avatar

Congratulations to all those that guessed correctly in our TCG Tournament. The winners will receive Neopoints, TCG cards, and this lovely avatar…

Illusen Doll Avatar

Complete an Illusen Quest on Illusen day

April Fools Avatar

Random Event here on the day

Easter Cybunny Avatar

send this Easter card , get it here

Funny Avatar

You had to win the 400th caption contest (according to the editorial its sort of retired) (It was only for the 400th contest. It will however be given out for the winners of the 500th, 600th, 700th etc.. so there are more chances to get hold of it coming up.)

Plushie Nova Avatar

You had to visit the McDonald’s Daily Giveaway!

Redeemed Avatar

You had to have signed up for the old war, then go to to redeem yourself.

BFM – Squished Spyders Avatar

If you fought the Spyders and won in the war, go to your user lookup and it will appear.

Its just been brought to our attention that there was an avatar released without anyone knowing and its now retired

approx July 2004. You had to be in some Return of Dr. Sloth TCG tournament which was only held in the US. Special

Fir Avatar

Advent Calendar prize

Maraquan War Avatars

You will receive ONE of these depending on which role you played in the recent war, visit your own lookup, if you did not take part then you do not get an avatar

NT Writer Avatar

Awarded to the select few who had an article/comic published in the 200th Edition of the Neopian Times

Happy Birthday Avatar

Visit the News Page

But What Does it Mean Avatar

Translate your tablet, see here for details

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