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The Neopian Times

Are you an aspiring author? Do you love drawing comics? Perhaps you’re just a creative Neopets-loving daydreamer? If you’ve answered yes to any or all of the above, The Neopian Times might be just the right place for you to show off! The Neopian Times is the Neopets’ weekly newspaper/magazine-type feature chock full of Neopets members’ stories, articles and comics as well as an editorial section with questions from members … Continue reading


2011 Neopets Daily Dare

Breaking news alert! Tonight/this morning, at exactly 12 AM Neopian Standard Time, the 2011 Neopets Daily Dare event will officially begin! This is the favorite yearly event for many experienced Neopets members due to the massive amount of opportunities to win prizes and trophies throughout the entire month of March. In many ways, this event is similar to the New Game Challenges which are released occasionally as new games sporadically … Continue reading


New Look for Brightvale Books

Brightvale Books is a quaint little shop located in the regal land of Brightvale, home of Neopets’ illustrious King Hagan. Brightvale Books can be found in the foreground of the King’s castle, nestled in a clump of trees and greenery. A wealth of Neopets’ knowledge consisting of a wide array of reasonably priced books can be purchased in Brightvale which cannot be found in the bookshops of any other Neopian … Continue reading

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Facebook on Neopets

A new feature is soon to hit the Neopets site for those over 13 years of age! That familiar Facebook “Like” button, that’s popping up everywhere on the web, will now be added to the Neopets’ Games Room as well as a few other games located throughout other areas of the Neopets site. So what does this mean and why should you care? It’s pretty simple! Soon you’ll see a … Continue reading

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Neopets Caption Contest

Do you want to suddenly gain 5,000-10,000 Neopoints? Want a unique trophy for your cabinet? Want a surprise rare item given to you directly by the Neopets staff? Try entering the latest Caption Contest! Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the Neopets staff releases a new image for the current contest. These images, though random, usually correspond with scheduled days honoring specific species of Neopets. For example, February 18th was Chocolate … Continue reading

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Collectable Sea Shells Shop has Maractite Mania

The Neopets Collectable Sea Shells shop and its charming shopkeeper have a brand new look! This newly-debuted fabulous image isn’t the only exciting change going on in this Neopets’ Maraquan shop. The Maractite style that has swept Neopia with overwhelming, and still growing popularity, has expanded to cover more items than just paintbrushes. You can now purchase two new types of Neopets Maractite coins in the new and improved Collectable … Continue reading

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Happy Late V-day from Neopets

While last week may have been the Neopets’ comical Valenpains Day, this week they are indeed celebrating the holiday properly with all kinds of fabulous new Valentine’s-themed Neopets items. You can find two new adorable cherub plushies, the Acara and Xweetok cherubs, in the Neopets’ Plushie Palace. The Neopets’ Mystical Surroundings shop has premiered a beautiful new gazebo background which is perfect for customizing your Neopet with Valentine’s-themed items. Lastly, … Continue reading

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Daily Faerie Quests

As promised last week, the Neopets Faeries do indeed have something very special going on for the next couple of weeks! Instead of being randomly assigned, Neopets players can get a Faerie Quest every day when they visit Faerieland until February 24th. Faeries from each of the elements will take turns giving out quests, so they may end up asking for quite a variety of items. Don’t feel like going … Continue reading

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Happy…Valenpains Day?

It appears that the Neopets staff and players aren’t looking forward to Valentine’s Day this year as it’s been renamed “Valenpains Day” and today (Feb 9) is officially dedicated to “all things that make you go BLAH at Valentine’s”! Some very unique new items have been released in honor of this strange holiday which can be found in shops all over Neopia. A new wearable Broken Heart trinket can be … Continue reading

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New Game Challenge

A new game has been released as part of the Neopets Game Challenge. Shenkuu Warrior II is the newest addictive game that Neopets players can play for a chance at great new prizes. Shenkuu Warrior II is great for players that enjoy games in which anyone can conquer with a little practice and patience. The game revolves around the Shenkuu warrior climbing different obstacles (trees, mountains, etc..) with a point … Continue reading

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