2011 Neopets Daily Dare

Breaking news alert! Tonight/this morning, at exactly 12 AM Neopian Standard Time, the 2011 Neopets Daily Dare event will officially begin! This is the favorite yearly event for many experienced Neopets members due to the massive amount of opportunities to win prizes and trophies throughout the entire month of March. In many ways, this event is similar to the New Game Challenges which are released occasionally as new games sporadically debut. You will have a chance to play against AAA and/or Abigail in various games to win new prizes every day from March 1st to March 31st. There’s the additional option of buying a ticking using Neocash at the NC Mall to challenge Lulu for extra prizes.
The main difference between the Daily Dare event and the regular Game Challenges is that you must choose your opponent for each game when participating in the Daily Dare. As always, Abigail’s scores are usually pretty easy to beat and AAA’s scores are set very high. This means you have to decide whether or not you’re confident enough challenge AAA. If you choose to challenge Abigail, but you still manage to beat AAA’s score, you will not be awarded the prize for beating AAA. However, if you challenge AAA and cannot beat him, but you do beat Abigail, you will still be awarded Abigail’s prize, but not until the end of the month. This will give you a chance to continue trying to beat AAA on that specific challenge throughout the month.

There are also four exciting new features being added this year:
1. If you challenge and beat your chosen opponent for a Daily Dare challenge on the same day that it is issued, you will receive a special bonus prize.
2. There is also a new Team Challenge feature in which you and a friend may pair up to beat Abigail or AAA for a bonus prize each weekend.
3. If you choose to purchase tickets at the NC mall to challenge Lulu, you may use the same score that you’ve used to beat Abigail and/or AAA to apply to Lulu instead of playing separate games to beat each opponent.
4. Finally, the method in which the four possible trophies are awarded has been greatly simplified. To be awarded the participation medal, all you have to do is complete one or more challenges. To be awarded the bronze medal, you must beat Abigail’s score every day on every challenge. To be awarded the silver medal, you must complete every challenge by the end of the month and beat AAA’s score at least once. For those of you game masters who are aiming high, you must beat AAA’s score every day on every challenge.

Good luck!

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