Neopets Caption Contest

Do you want to suddenly gain 5,000-10,000 Neopoints? Want a unique trophy for your cabinet? Want a surprise rare item given to you directly by the Neopets staff? Try entering the latest Caption Contest! Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the Neopets staff releases a new image for the current contest. These images, though random, usually correspond with scheduled days honoring specific species of Neopets. For example, February 18th was Chocolate Chia Day and the latest Caption Contest revolves around a hilarious image featuring a Chia eating chocolate (picture shown below article). To enter the contest, simply go to the Neopets Caption Contest section of the Neopets site to view the latest image and then put your thinking cap on. Come up with the wittiest caption you can think of that you feel fits the image. There’s a box right below the image for you to type in your caption and as soon as you click the “submit” button below the box, your caption is entered for the Neopets staff to review. After undergoing a selection process, the Neopets staff will pick their favorite captions and award fabulous prizes to the masterminds behind them. Winners of previous contests are announced the day each new Caption Contest begins. For a few inside tips on entering the contest, check out the Neopets Help Page pertaining to questions and tips all about the Caption Contest. Good luck!

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  1. Sukey says:

    It takes devotion to create good stuff, thanks for caring.

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