Collectable Sea Shells Shop has Maractite Mania

The Neopets Collectable Sea Shells shop and its charming shopkeeper have a brand new look! This newly-debuted fabulous image isn’t the only exciting change going on in this Neopets’ Maraquan shop. The Maractite style that has swept Neopia with overwhelming, and still growing popularity, has expanded to cover more items than just paintbrushes. You can now purchase two new types of Neopets Maractite coins in the new and improved Collectable Sea Shells shop. You can also find images of these new coins in the Buddy Icon section of the Neopets site to use on AIM and/or MSN. Last month featured Maractite Day, a day dedicated to this awesome new style, during which a Maractite petpet paintbrush made its first debut. Since winning the Neopies’ prize in the category of Best New Paintbrush at the end of January, the Neopets site has also released a Maractite background, two new weapons which can be purchased at the Maractite Marvels shop and added several Neopets to the list of species which can be painted with the Maractite paintbrush. This limited list now includes Aishas, Draiks, Lutaris, Usuls and Zafaras. This list is sure to keep growing quickly, so keep your fingers crossed that your species of Neopet will be added next!

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