New Look for Brightvale Books

Brightvale Books is a quaint little shop located in the regal land of Brightvale, home of Neopets’ illustrious King Hagan. Brightvale Books can be found in the foreground of the King’s castle, nestled in a clump of trees and greenery. A wealth of Neopets’ knowledge consisting of a wide array of reasonably priced books can be purchased in Brightvale which cannot be found in the bookshops of any other Neopian land. Newly added to this already vast variety are two newly available books! For those of you with Neopets who are on the quest for the Neopian Book Award, a special trophy for the Neopet that has read the most books, you may want to pick up Alchemy Lessons and How to Pick Flowers. When you stop in, these two new gems aren’t the only difference you’ll find. A much more noticeable transformation has taken place in the form of its charming shopkeeper who has a completely new look. Go be one of the first to check it all out!

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