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Neopets Slang

When you first start out on Neopets, there’s something called the Neoboards. This is a type of forum that can answer your questions about the Battledome, quests, foods, or even a place to connect with Newbies such as yourself: I pwn you! Pwning means to own. So technically, if someone says this to you, that means they’re either owning you, will own you, or are beating you at something. Joo … Continue reading


Important Times!

If you’re interested in getting some awesome items from Coltzan’s Shrine or playing Deadly Dice, here are some important times on Neopets to remember: NST is Neopian Standard Time, or PST (which is Pacific Standard Time). At the Money Tree: Balthazar’s Mega Faerie Giveaway Bonanza – 7 AM (NST) Health Frog Giveaway – 7 AM (NST) Muntando Fruit – Around 10:45 (NST) Chocolate Giveaway – 5:50 PM (NST) The 3rd … Continue reading


Neopets Roo Island

Roo Island is an island about 30 miles east from the main Neopian Coastline. There’s a 30 NP fee for the twice a day ferry that travels there. This place is home to the Neopet species Blumaroo who are fun loving all the time. Their king is named King Roo. The Island is about 50 miles from left to right and about 100 miles from the top to the bottom. … Continue reading


Ice Bori Neopet

The Ice Bori Neopet is a very special Neopet. It’s possible that you can still get one (although it takes a while and it’s a bit rare). It can’t be obtained by paintbrushes, the lab ray, fountain faerie quests, or even morphing potions. The only way you can get an Ice Bori is by downloading the toolbar Bori Special. Toolbar Bori Special. They’re also impossible to get at the pound, … Continue reading

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Neopets Rubbish Dump

The Meridell Rubbish Dump is one of those places in Neopia (Meridell to be exact) that is usually overlooked. The blue Kacheek named Charlie runs the dump. He greets you with his bad attitude. Not only that, his sense of smell is most likely just as bad. All trash whether it be stinky, sticky, gross, or ugly, it all ends up in the Rubbish Dump. There are a select few … Continue reading

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Neopets Haunted Woods

The Haunted Woods is located almost 200 miles southwest from Neopia Central. It is a place shrouded in mystery. And where only where the bravest of the brave dare to venture in. It’s an odd place to go to, but why would you go there since it’s scary and unknown? The answer to that is there are usually a lot of items in the Haunted Woods that are somewhat scary, … Continue reading

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Neopets Cliffhanger Answers

The game Cliffhanger is just like Hangman, except you play with a Tuskaninny. If you fail to guess the letters, then he falls off the cliff, but the good news is the first time you lose you are awarded with an avatar. But you want to win the next time! So I added a new page with the answers to the game: Neopets Cliffhanger Answers.

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Chef Bonju

Chef Bonju is a famous orange Blumaroo. Not only is he a famous chef, he is also famous for being an avatar. This avatar took over three years to discover. He is found in Shenkuu and he operates Culinary Concoctions. Culinary Concoctions is almost like The Cooking Pot at Mystery Island. However, there are no known recipes that can be used. Bonju first appeared on Neopets through the Cryodrake’s Gaze … Continue reading


Neopets Almost Abandoned Attic

The Almost Abandoned Attic, or the AAA for short, is located in a secret place in Neopia. Oh wait. It’s not so secret anymore since I’m putting a link up! Keep in mind that the Almost Abandoned Attic can only be accessed by accounts that are older than 36 months+ (if you can’t do the math, that’s an account that’s 3 years old or more). The Almost Abandoned Attic … Continue reading

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Neopets Second-Hand Shoppe

The Second-Hand Shoppe is run by a yellow Ruki with a funny tattered outfit. What is this place? Basically, the Second-Hand Shoppe is the same thing as The Money Tree, except people donate wearable items instead of usable items or neopoints. Here’s a link to The Second-Hand Shoppe. When you get to the Second-Hand Shoppe, scan the page quickly. If you see an item you like, click it FAST (or … Continue reading