Xandra and the Gallery of Evil

“Not all the inhabitants of Neopia are friendly, in fact there are a certain few that possess no greater desire than to kill and eat your pet.”
So begins the introduction on the cover of the Neopets Gallery of Evil. The Neopets Gallery of Evil was first introduced in September of 2000 and contains a list and description of the most evil Neopian villains. The Gallery of Evil currently contains 25 entries, but new villains are frequently being added, as well as old ones being replaced. This past Saturday (Jan 15th), Xandra earned her place in the Gallery as the most recent Neopian villain. Xandra was the evil mastermind behind the Neopets’ recently ended plot The Faeries’ Ruin. She is responsible for all the inconvenience involving the disappearance of several of the recently returned popular features in Neopets’ Faerieland and the cause of Faerieland currently being grounded. Fortunately, Xandra has since been turned to stone and can no longer wreak havoc on the good citizens and heroes of Neopia…for now anyway…

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