Neopets Pharmacy Alternatives

Most experienced Neopets members have had the misfortune of having to treat a sick or injured. We know the process of diagnosing our Neopets in the Neopian Hospital and looking to purchase the necessary cures in the Neopian Pharmacy (FYI, you can avoid the hassle of scouring the Neopets Hospital by visiting the Neopets Diseases and Cures section of this very website!). Unfortunately, as most Neopets players have already noticed, most cures are not sold in the Neopian Pharmacy.
Don’t despair quite yet Neopets fans, there are alternatives to the Neopets Pharmacy! The most common favorite is the Neopets Healing Spring which can be visited once every 30 minutes. The Neopets Healing Springs is totally free and, though it may take multiple tries, the Water Faerie almost always cures your pet’s ailments eventually without you having to spend any Neopoints. For those impatient Neopets players who would rather not wait for a successful trip to the Healing Springs, there are still more alternatives! Using the Neopets Shop Wizard to search for a fellow Neopets member who has a cure in stock in their shop is always an option, but it’s usually very expensive. You can expect to spend up to tens of thousands of Neopoints in these kinds of shops which is obviously not an attractive option.
There are still two more options which, while they’re not free, are not nearly as expensive as a fellow member’s shop. Instead of tens of thousands of Neopoints, you can expect to spend just a couple of thousand (not ideal, but still much cheaper). There are two real Neopets shops that can be found in other Neopian lands which carry cures to various diseases that cannot be found in the Neopets Pharmacy. Located in the Neopian City of Sakhmet is the Emergency Supplies shop which carries Lost Desert Medicine. The second alternative is the Remarkable Restoratives shop in the Neopian city of Shenkuu in which a wide variety of cures can often be found.
So the next time you find your Neopet has contracted a dreadful disease, don’t be too downcast. Keep in mind that you have several options of which you can take advantage to restore your pet’s health in no time!

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