The Faeries’ Ruin

The outcome of The Faerie’s Ruin is fast approaching! The Neopets staff has finally finished tallying the final scores and putting the finishing touches on the art for the prizes. All that’s left to do is figure out their pricing of the prize items! Their current estimation for when the prize shop will open and when the epilogue will debut is January 26th. They know you may be getting a … Continue reading

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Neopets Pharmacy Alternatives

Most experienced Neopets members have had the misfortune of having to treat a sick or injured. We know the process of diagnosing our Neopets in the Neopian Hospital and looking to purchase the necessary cures in the Neopian Pharmacy (FYI, you can avoid the hassle of scouring the Neopets Hospital by visiting the Neopets Diseases and Cures section of this very website!). Unfortunately, as most Neopets players have already noticed, … Continue reading

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Xandra and the Gallery of Evil

“Not all the inhabitants of Neopia are friendly, in fact there are a certain few that possess no greater desire than to kill and eat your pet.” So begins the introduction on the cover of the Neopets Gallery of Evil. The Neopets Gallery of Evil was first introduced in September of 2000 and contains a list and description of the most evil Neopian villains. The Gallery of Evil currently contains … Continue reading

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Pet Days

Buzz Day! Gnorbu day! Elephante day! You hear these kinds of announcements on the Neopets site several times a month every single month. What does is it mean exactly? Is there anything special happening on these days? Does this affect me or my Neopet if it’s my pet’s special day? Today, we’ll answer all these questions! Every year, each species of Neopet gets its own special day. The whole list … Continue reading

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Neopets Beauty Contest

Looking for a cool new trophy that will make all your friends jealous? Try your hand at the Neopets’ Beauty Contest! These trophies aren’t like the game or challenge trophies that any Neopets member can earn through hard work and perseverance; these are awarded weekly to only a select group of lucky and talented Neopets’ artists. Entering the Beauty Contest is pretty simple and you can do so every week … Continue reading

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Apple Bobbing Bart

Way out in the far reaches of the Haunted Woods, just past the edges of the Gypsy Camp, lays the once-cursed city of Neovia. Consisting only of four antiquated shops, Neovia is where you can find the infamous Apple Bobbing Bart’s. Apple Bobbing, one of Neopets’ most recently added “daily freebies”, began around the Halloween holiday season of last year as a questing event. There were a total of four … Continue reading

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Buy Neopoints

Buy neopoints. It’s what every Neopets user wanted to do until Neopets finally came out with Neocash. But Neocash is slightly different than neopoints: Neocash is another form of Neopian currency. You can use it to buy exclusive Neopets items such as clothes, accessories and backgrounds for your Neopet, as well as furniture for your Neohome from the NC Mall, which cannot be bought using neopoints. But unlike neopoints, Neocash … Continue reading

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3rd Annual Neopies

It’s been a fun and busy year for Neopets fans, filled with exciting new events and challenges as well as many old favorites. The next big event to look forward to is the upcoming third annual Neopies awards! This awesome event gives members a chance to vote for their favorite choices in over a dozen categories. The categories in the previous years have covered a huge range of topics including … Continue reading

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Blogger and Site Editor Wanted

Hey everyone! If you would like to work for as a blogger or a page editor, you should apply right away! You will get paid, and you can include this as a job on your resume; this counts as work experience! Email me at with your applications! What to include in your application email: Everyone: – Your full name – Your age – How long you’ve been playing … Continue reading


Neopets Slang

When you first start out on Neopets, there’s something called the Neoboards. This is a type of forum that can answer your questions about the Battledome, quests, foods, or even a place to connect with Newbies such as yourself: I pwn you! Pwning means to own. So technically, if someone says this to you, that means they’re either owning you, will own you, or are beating you at something. Joo … Continue reading