Apple Bobbing Bart

Way out in the far reaches of the Haunted Woods, just past the edges of the Gypsy Camp, lays the once-cursed city of Neovia. Consisting only of four antiquated shops, Neovia is where you can find the infamous Apple Bobbing Bart’s. Apple Bobbing, one of Neopets’ most recently added “daily freebies”, began around the Halloween holiday season of last year as a questing event. There were a total of four quests to complete for prize items during the event’s first month and many Neopets members expected Bart’s to close down shortly after. Luckily, Apple Bobbing Bart’s is still going strong and, while there are no longer any new quests to complete, you can still visit daily in the hopes of winning a great prize!

The most common outcome of participating in Apple Bobbing is winning a free spooky item (in my personal experience, it’s usually a food item), but use this at your own risk! Not all the reported outcomes of stopping by Bart’s are so pleasant. Neopets members occasionally wind up leaving Bart’s with less than they originally came in with. The following negative outcomes are reported possibilities when participating in Apple Bobbing: Losing items from your inventory, losing up to 1,000 Neopoints, losing up to 50% of your active pet’s hit points, decreases in your pet’s mood and, in rare cases, pets have been known to be stricken with Blurred Vision which must be remedied using cures prescribed at the Neopian Hospital.

If you feel Apple Bobbing is worth the risk, it can still be a fun and slightly profitable experience, but as a general safety precaution, you may want to move any of your highly treasured possessions from your Inventory to your Safety Deposit Box before participating!

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