Neopets Slang

When you first start out on Neopets, there’s something called the Neoboards. This is a type of forum that can answer your questions about the Battledome, quests, foods, or even a place to connect with Newbies such as yourself:

I pwn you!
Pwning means to own. So technically, if someone says this to you, that means they’re either owning you, will own you, or are beating you at something.

Joo are a loser!
Joo is NOT a Jew. Joo means you. So if someone says this, they’re telling you that you are a loser.

Mwuahahaha. Wow. So technically, this is self explanatory. It’s an evil laugh. Or just a really insane laugh O_o Hopefully you get the point.

I’m a l33t restocker.
L33t. Technically this is computer lingo. If you don’t know already, this means “leet”, which is short for “elite”. So they’re saying they’re a really awesome restocker that buys low and sells items for higher prices.

Ooh, that’s spiffeh!
SPIFFEH. Er. Queer word. Spiffeh is spiffy. Which means awesome (technically). People do this with other words such as bunny (this gets turned into bunneh) or cookie (which would be turned into cookeh).

I hope this helps ^o^

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21 Responses to Neopets Slang

  1. *Thanks for the enjoyable read. How often do you write articles?

  2. Neopets IMS says:

    this is working today i tried it so u might want to use it quick before the neopets officials find out

  3. Jason Winter says:

    Hi Ashley,

    Sorry to bug you this way, but I can’t find any other contact info on the site. I’m the editor of Beckett Fun Online Games magazine and I need a new freelance writer to cover Neopets regularly in the magazine. If you’re interested, drop me an e-mail!

  4. rddy says:

    I tried it out and he took like 28 hrs to duplicate and return it.the guy above my comment is obviously a lier……..

  5. The above posters are obviously the same person trying to scam naive players. Please don’t fall for it. There are no instant hacks for Neopets.

  6. RED says:

    YES YES he duplicated it YES i cant believe it OMG THIS IS SO COOL THANX shadowfaxlucario U ROCK!

  7. RED says:

    he still has not returned it. if i dont get it back soon i am reporting

  8. RED says:

    i sent 6 items to the account just now and this had better not be a scam……..

  9. lenny the bird says:

    this really works u know

  10. evil d says:

    now g1mm3 y0r itams!

  11. evil d says:

    sorry. I am donna. l33k me upside downn kids

  12. donna says:


  13. Donna says:

    OMGZ you can li3k l33k 1t. th@nks f0r st1ll pl@y1ng n3op@ts. 1m @n 01d pl@y3r t00

  14. naisi says:

    COOL that is amazing .I hope TNTdoesnt find out soon LOL

  15. evil d says:

    YES i got 2 lost where did you find this?!!!!!!!!!!

  16. evil d says:

    r u serious?it did work

  17. Harry says:

    WOW it really does work!!!!!!!thanx somuch thanku

  18. donna says:

    That is to say again……………..for the 2nd i have 3 draik eggs!

  19. donna says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WORKED

  20. donna says:

    u can like get free items rare.if u hav a million np plus item send it to the user shadowfaxlucario and he will like give u 2 back cuz he owns some hack thing.i f u hav lots of np,buy an item(i used a draik egg) and send it 2 him.he will take max 24 hrs to respond.but dont tell everybody otherwise every1 will be rich.

    p.s u can only do this once!

  21. ivan says:

    copia y pega este mensaje en 5 foros diferente luego ve al desierto perdido y te aparecera ha ocurrido algo TNT te de por tu generosidad y 52 pinceles a tu eleccion

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