Neopets Beauty Contest

Looking for a cool new trophy that will make all your friends jealous? Try your hand at the Neopets’ Beauty Contest! These trophies aren’t like the game or challenge trophies that any Neopets member can earn through hard work and perseverance; these are awarded weekly to only a select group of lucky and talented Neopets’ artists. Entering the Beauty Contest is pretty simple and you can do so every week if you don’t win first place.

To create your entry, start by finding a great image of your pet’s species on the Neopets website and saving it to your own computer. Using this image, you can either hand-draw your own version of the image and scan it to your computer, or you can open the image in a paint shop program and edit it into a creation entirely new and unique. If you want your entry to be accepted, it can’t look similar to the original image because that would defeat the purpose of creating your own! To get some tips and ideas, try browsing through past entries that can be found on the Beauty Contest page. Once your creation is complete, save it to your computer as a .gif or .jpg image and upload it via the “Enter Contest” link on the Beauty Contest page. Prepare a short speech (only 250 letters or less) to accompany your image. This speech may contain some cool facts about your personal creation or it may simply be a short message to the voters who are viewing your image. Most entrants’ speeches include a plea for votes; try to be a little more creative in your own speech and it may snag the viewers’ attention!

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