Pet Days

Buzz Day! Gnorbu day! Elephante day! You hear these kinds of announcements on the Neopets site several times a month every single month. What does is it mean exactly? Is there anything special happening on these days? Does this affect me or my Neopet if it’s my pet’s special day?

Today, we’ll answer all these questions! Every year, each species of Neopet gets its own special day. The whole list of special days can be found on the Neopets’ calendar page. These days can affect your Neopets in a sense, though there’s no special prizes or free Neopoints. Instead, the Neopets staff releases new customization options available only to the specific Neopet specie being celebrated. These options usually consist of wearables and/or paintbrushes. As most of you already know, each Neopet species has certain wearables that you can use to customize only that specific specie. For example, Kougras have a sailor’s outfit compiled of items that only a Kougra can wear. On each Neopets’ special day, one or two new sets of these types of outfits are released that only that Neopet may wear. The same goes for paintbrushes. Paintbrushes are not species specific, but not all Neopets species may be painted with every kind of paintbrush. For example, this past Tuesday (Jan 11th) was the Festival of Buzz. Before that day, you could not use a Gray or Gold paintbrush on the Buzz species, but now, if you’re lucky enough to get a hold of one of these rare Neopets’ paintbrushes, you can transform your Buzz!
So, keep an eye out for your Neopets’ special day by frequently checking the Neopets’ calendar page. You never know what great new things may become available for your Neopet next!

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