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Chef Bonju

Chef Bonju is a famous orange Blumaroo. Not only is he a famous chef, he is also famous for being an avatar. This avatar took over three years to discover. He is found in Shenkuu and he operates Culinary Concoctions. Culinary Concoctions is almost like The Cooking Pot at Mystery Island. However, there are no known recipes that can be used. Bonju first appeared on Neopets through the Cryodrake’s Gaze … Continue reading


Neopets Almost Abandoned Attic

The Almost Abandoned Attic, or the AAA for short, is located in a secret place in Neopia. Oh wait. It’s not so secret anymore since I’m putting a link up! Keep in mind that the Almost Abandoned Attic can only be accessed by accounts that are older than 36 months+ (if you can’t do the math, that’s an account that’s 3 years old or more). The Almost Abandoned Attic … Continue reading

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Neopets Second-Hand Shoppe

The Second-Hand Shoppe is run by a yellow Ruki with a funny tattered outfit. What is this place? Basically, the Second-Hand Shoppe is the same thing as The Money Tree, except people donate wearable items instead of usable items or neopoints. Here’s a link to The Second-Hand Shoppe. When you get to the Second-Hand Shoppe, scan the page quickly. If you see an item you like, click it FAST (or … Continue reading


Neopets Ice Cream Cart

In Happy Valley, there is a blue Lutari with a funny hat that has an ice cream cart. His name is Mr. Chipper and was the first Lutari to appear in Neopia! Normally, in any shop in Neopia, they accept Neopoints. Here at his little cart, it’s different. He only accepts coupons. These coupons can only be obtained in many ways such as shops, trades, auctions, and Taelia; the snow … Continue reading


Neopets Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity

This new daily started out to beĀ  a discarded box on a cloud in Faerieland. It remained that way for 5 years. Today, it is known as a daily, and there’s nothing to lose! Also abbreviated to TDMBGPOP (which is a really long abbreviation!), he just lies there. The depressed plushie can be found to the right of the Rainbow Pool’s middle rainbow arch as a small blue blob. He … Continue reading


Neopets Wishing Well

In the Neopian Plaza, there is something called The Wishing Well. The Wishing Well sounds like a generic name, but it actually is a REAL wishing well. It grants 40 wishes every day in groups of 4 (so 10 wishes in 1 group). Basically, all you do when you get to the page is to type in the item you want to wish for and then donate some money. According … Continue reading


Neopets Secret Laboratory Tips

Here are some pointers for The Secret Laboratory: This can only be used ONCE a day. So technically, it’s like another daily for you (if you can afford it). Once you zap your pet, there is NO turning back. (Unless you have morphing potions on hand, but then again, why would you use the lab ray if you have one of those?!) The stats can be changed (if you don’t … Continue reading

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Neopets Secret Laboratory

The Secret Laboratory is a secret place in Neopia (of course) which has the power to change your pets species, gender, level, stats, as well as color. It can’t be accessed by the normal person, and it can only be accessed if you acquire all of the 9 pieces necessary to complete the map. There are other variations of the map like the pirate, spooky, and even a petpet one. … Continue reading


Neopets Money Tree

The Neopets Money Tree. What is it exactly? Sure, it looks like The Giving Tree from Shel Silverstein, but what does it really do? The Money Tree is basically the place where unwanted items go. Usually from Underwater Fishing, old boots, fishing poles, moss, and shoes end up here. There’s also the occasional bag of Neopoints, and very rarely a paintbrush or a rare item usually given by a VERY … Continue reading

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Neopets Tombola

There’s a game called Tombola on Mystery Island. It is also a daily. The rules are fairly simple; just click spin, and you’re good to go. Prizes are random. You could get a booby prize which is worth less than 1 NP, or you could get some codestones, paintbrush, or a bottled faerie. Keep in mind that getting a paintbrush or a codestone is rare, so if you always get … Continue reading