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Neopets Lever of DOOM

You know that weird handle thing at the Virtupets Space Station in Neopia? The one where you just pull the lever and usually nothing happens but you get neopoints taken from you… Well, if you’re an avatar collector, go for it, because you get a free neopets avatar. And when you get the Lever of Doom avatar, just don’t do this daily anymore. There’s not really much else you can … Continue reading


Neopets Magical Chia Pops

Neopets Magical Chia Pops. What are Magical Chia Pops? What do they do to my neopet? What if my neopet isn’t a Chia? Can I still make my neopet transform that way? No. Unfortunately, Chias are the only neopets species that can change with Magical Chia Pops (hence the names of “Magical ________ Chia Pop”). Chia Pops will only change your pet if they are MAGICAL Chia Pops. So if … Continue reading


Neopets Lutari Beads

Lutari Beads explained: On any Neopets profile, there’s something called a Lutari Talisman in the Trophies section. But unfortunately, most of us don’t have any Lutari Beads on them. But there are ways you can get Lutari Beads for your Lutari Talisman. In most cases they can be acquired from trades or auctions. Since each one is about 200,000 neopoints apiece, you can’t really find them for sale in neopets … Continue reading


Neopets Codestones Guide

Ever wonder what codestones are? You see them in the shops for around 3k-5k each all the time, but what exactly are these stones for? Where do they come from? How do you get them? There are ten different types of codestones; Bri, Har, Mau, Vo, Eo, Orn, Zei, Main, Mau, and Tai-Kai. Typically, all of these are listed around 3k-5k but the Bri Codestone is usually the cheapest around … Continue reading

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Neopets Scams and Scam Sites

First, no matter what, for absolutely NO reason, under NO circumstances whatsoever, EVER give your password to ANYONE for ANYTHING at any time. Neopets will NEVER ever ask for it, so know right off the bat anyone who does is up to no good and trying to scam you. TNT can freeze your account without you knowing – why would they ever need your password? That having been said, here … Continue reading


Neopets Advent Calendar

Get free neopoints and free Neopets items every day during the month of December! How? Just by going to the Neopets Advent Calendar in Happy Valley! You can visit it once a day every day of December. Click here to go to the Neopets Advent Calendar to get your free neopoints and items today! Merry Christmas!


Limited Edition and Restricted Neopets

Hey guys! I just made a new page on how to get the various Limited Edition and Restricted Neopets. Limited Edition and Restriced Neopets are the ones that you can’t get normally in Create-A-Pet like all the other Neopets. For example, a Chomby, Cybunny, Krawk, etc. Want a super cool special rare Neopet to show off to all your Neofriends? Now you can find out how to get one! Don’t … Continue reading


Hidden Free Neopoints

We all know how to get free items and collect neopoints: play games and featured games (double neopoints) restock, Monthly Freebies, collect bank interest, Money Tree, Shop of Offers (Rich Slorg), etc. If you play Neopets, you know them all. Or do you? Some sponsors get their own page on Neopets, and you can visit these sites and earn free neopoints! Some you can visit once a day, others 3 … Continue reading


How to: Become a Neopian Millionaire

So you want to be a Neopian millionaire? Don’t we all! There has to be some kind of secret, some magic spell or potion…right? I was determined to find out, so I put together a short survey, aimed at Neo millionaires. I was targeting a specific group; those with over 10 million neopoints, as well as having huge houses and shops. I was hoping for at least 100 responses, and … Continue reading


More Neopets Freebies!

Hi everybody! I just added a bunch more ways to earn free neopoints and items to the Freebies page! Go check it out! My Freebies page is a super fast way to get to all the daily to-do’s done on Neopets, like collect bank interest, spin the Fruit Machine, get your free omelette, jelly, etc, as well as new ways to earn fast free neopoints! I have links to everything, … Continue reading