Neopets Money Tree

The Neopets Money Tree. What is it exactly? Sure, it looks like The Giving Tree from Shel Silverstein, but what does it really do?

The Money Tree is basically the place where unwanted items go. Usually from Underwater Fishing, old boots, fishing poles, moss, and shoes end up here. There’s also the occasional bag of Neopoints, and very rarely a paintbrush or a rare item usually given by a VERY generous Neopian who has no gain from it (meaning, he or she might want to quit or they just don’t need it).

As soon as you see the item you want, IMMEDIATELY click it. And you have to be as fast as you can. You might not get the item, because someone might have clicked it before you, but if you do get it, congratulations 🙂 You’re a stealthy ninja!

Here are some donators to The Neopets Money Tree:

Balthazar – Every Wednesday, at 7 A.M. Neopian Standard Time (NST), Balthazar donates bottled faeries, each going for around 3,000-4,000 NP a bottle!

Health Frog – At 7 A.M. NST every day, the Health Frog will donate 10-200 different exotic vegetarian fruits.

The Lupe Pack – Every Sunday at 5:50 P.M. NST the Lupe Pack will donate items. These are usually white or dark chocolate Chias.

Pango Pango – At 10:45 AM and 10:45 PM, Pango Pango might donate fruits.

Scamander in Chef – Scamander in Chef donates Scamanders; and they’re very hard to catch.

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