Chef Bonju

Chef Bonju is a famous orange Blumaroo. Not only is he a famous chef, he is also famous for being an avatar. This avatar took over three years to discover.

He is found in Shenkuu and he operates Culinary Concoctions. Culinary Concoctions is almost like The Cooking Pot at Mystery Island. However, there are no known recipes that can be used.

Bonju first appeared on Neopets through the Cryodrake’s Gaze plot in 2006. He is described as a “master culinary artist” who is known for bad food O_O;;; and for pushing off Hoban (the Navigator) off of the ship.

Besides that, he has 2 listed and known items on Neopets:

From the left: Bonju and Captain Tuan Friend Garland and Bonju Stamp.

His avatar can be obtained by changing your avatar to “Mad About Orange” (you might have to obtain this one first) and mix a Blumaroo Steak, Gourmet Cooking for Your Pet, and an Orange Juice into the Cooking Pot on Mystery Island (NOT the Culinary Concoctions) in the month of August (since it is a seasonal avatar).

Here is a picture of the avatar:

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2 Responses to Chef Bonju

  1. Ashley says:

    I actually like the Speckled one. The purple and green one. You have to pay for your Neopet to eat a Speckled food item though.

  2. Sassy Sara says:

    i love avatars. what is your favorite avatar? anyone can answer 🙂

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