Neopets Tombola

There’s a game called Tombola on Mystery Island. It is also a daily. The rules are fairly simple; just click spin, and you’re good to go. Prizes are random. You could get a booby prize which is worth less than 1 NP, or you could get some codestones, paintbrush, or a bottled faerie. Keep in mind that getting a paintbrush or a codestone is rare, so if you always get a booby prize, don’t feel bad, at least you got something!

Here are the booby prizes:


Bottled Faeries:

Gross Food:

And of course the codestones:

(These are the only kind you can get from Tombola. There are 5 other ones, but there are other ways of getting them.)

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4 Responses to Neopets Tombola

  1. Lor_24 says:

    You can train your pets at the island training school, and pay the Techo Matser with codestones.

  2. Kim says:

    Wow i played Tombola for the first time and i got 100 and a codestone but i have lots of codestones but no idea what to do with them :/

  3. Ashley says:

    Sorry, no 🙁 It’s absolutely random. I wish though!

    It’s rare that you get a codestone or a paintbrush. You usually get NP or a gross food if you win though!

  4. cybunny lover says:

    Are there any cheats or certain times to go to Tombola and win the best prizes?

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