Neopets Secret Laboratory Tips

Here are some pointers for The Secret Laboratory:

  • This can only be used ONCE a day. So technically, it’s like another daily for you (if you can afford it).
  • Once you zap your pet, there is NO turning back. (Unless you have morphing potions on hand, but then again, why would you use the lab ray if you have one of those?!)
  • The stats can be changed (if you don’t like them). It may take time (and more money), but at least you can fix that!
  • Your pet can change to ALMOST every color.
  • There are exclusive colors only available from the Lab Ray. This includes: Alien, Chocolate, Clay, Coconut, Garlic, Ice, Jelly, Marshmallow, MSP, Robot, Snot, and Sponge.
  • Exceptions to colors include: Royal, Usuki, Quiguki, Plushie, Baby, and Pirate. If you want a Royal Lupe, you’re going to have to do it the old fashion way… By going to the Hidden Tower.
  • There is also an avatar. If your pet changes it’s species, then you’ll get this avatar:

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One Response to Neopets Secret Laboratory Tips

  1. nauir says:

    You can get baby. I got baby. nauir is my np name. Go look. 😛

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