Neopets Ice Cream Cart

In Happy Valley, there is a blue Lutari with a funny hat that has an ice cream cart. His name is Mr. Chipper and was the first Lutari to appear in Neopia!

Normally, in any shop in Neopia, they accept Neopoints. Here at his little cart, it’s different. He only accepts coupons. These coupons can only be obtained in many ways such as shops, trades, auctions, and Taelia; the snow faerie who lives in Happy Valley. Taelia will give you a coupon if you do one of her quests. It doesn’t really matter what level you are on the quest, she’ll give you one randomly. Maybe even on your first try!

 Here are the pictures of the coupons you can redeem at the ice cream cart.

The coupons go for a hefty sum of around 60,000 to 70,000 NP EACH. Also, each has a Rarity Level of 101, so it’s quite rare! Doing a quest for Taelia will most likely cost you 10,000NP at it’s cheapest point.

Unfortunately, he only has 5 flavors of ice cream! So it might be best for you to just sell the ticket for profit.

Here are the 5 flavors he has:

From the left: Five Scoop Ice Cream, Rainbow Sherbert Ice Cream, Double Chocolate Ice Cream, Mint and Chocolate Ice Cream, and Ice Cream Sundae.

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