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Glitter graphics and backgrounds

Hey guys! For some time I’ve been planning on making a whole bunch of new glitters and neopets backgrounds, but I’m thinking now that I might like to hire someone who is really experienced with it, or in graphic design on computers to make them for me. I can give them my ideas or preferences, and I’ll pay them to put them together. If anyone here knows how to and … Continue reading


The maker of this site’s shop!

Hey everyone! I just had a great idea! Why don’t you all take a look at my shop! I’ve put lots of time and effort into it (and not to mention, LOTS of great items in it too!), and it would be GREAT if you could stop by! You can also see I’ve used some of my graphics and welcome signs from my site in it. And if you really … Continue reading


Glitter Word Generator!

Hey everyone, I’ve just added an all new GLITTER WORD MAKER! To those who don’t know what it is, it’s a glitter graphic generator, where you choose the style you want your glitter graphic to be, choose the colour, then type in what ever you want it to say! The word generator makes it for you in a few seconds, and then you can copy the HTML code it displays, … Continue reading


New Stuff!

Hey everyone, Just wanted 2 let you guys all know that I’ve added some more Neopets game cheats, and also some new tips, including ‘how to unlock Neopet pictures on the NeoBoards’, ‘The Lever of Doom’, and some Faeire Quest tips. Oh, and the Neopets Secret Avatars page I am making is taking a little longer than I thought, but it will be finished and on the web very soon!! … Continue reading


Neopets avatars

Since lots of people are wanting secret avatars for the neopets chat rooms, I’ve decided I’m going to make a page on it. I myself have 52 secret avatars. If anyone else has any hints on getting some, please share them by leaving a comment, and I will add them to the page. Watch this site for an all new secret avatars page! Coming soon!


New graphics!

Hey everyone, I finally added a bunch of new graphics, glitters, and some more welcome signs. Feel free to help yourself. Click here to go to glitter graphics, and click here to go to welcome signs. Enjoy!! By the way, most graphics are more for girls. Sorry guys, I’ll look for some boy-ish stuff too.



Hi everyone, just so you know, if you don’t already know it, a guy called ‘peterpopsickle’ is leaving scams in the comments over and over again on every page. I know I can’t delete all of them, because they just appear the next day. These are all over the place, so just ignore them. Please please PLEASE don’t do what he says. Ever. His scams look like this: “hiya people … Continue reading


Neopets Game Cheats

Hey, if u have any more neopets game cheats, please share them! By the way, I added some more cheats on the neopets games cheats page. By the way, my favourite games that I play all the time and get the most money from are hasee bounce, ultimate bullseye, faerie bubbles, and korbat’s lab. Find cheats for all of these games on the game cheats page!


Neopets Website

The best neopets cheats website on the net! If you think so, please link to me from your website! But if you don’t, please leave a comment saying what you’d like to see on the site; any certain questions, or things you think would be cool to have. Please, have your say and you just might see it on here!


I’ll help you out if you help me!

Hi! If your visiting my website and you like it, and you just happen to have a neopets cheats site of your own, please put a link to my site on it! I’ll be so grateful, and you’ll be very glad you did. I can take a look at your site too and check it out. And you never know, I might put a link to it on my site!!