I’ll help you out if you help me!

Hi! If your visiting my website and you like it, and you just happen to have a neopets cheats site of your own, please put a link to my site on it! I’ll be so grateful, and you’ll be very glad you did. I can take a look at your site too and check it out. And you never know, I might put a link to it on my site!!

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  1. ali says:

    hello all

    i want tu ask i have one interview recently its about tow weeks ago i am wooried tu ask them i have ben hired or not please any body help me ?

  2. States recognize this, with all but 10 requiring teens to log certified driving hours with an adult. ,

  3. Amanda says:

    I collected the pet pet lab map, it’s in my inventory and i went to the page i was suppose to go to in order to put the map together, and I have no clue what to do from there. I can’t find any option to put the pieces of the map together, someone pleaseee email me at mandyortizz@yahoo.com thanks!!

  4. Jelbel* says:

    How do u make a popblew?

  5. Susana Carr says:


  6. plop goes the weasle says:

    you are all scamers

  7. emma says:

    youare a poopy head

  8. fornetti says:

    I do not believe this

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  11. Ash says:

    Wishing Well Cheat:

    1. Go to the Wishing Well in the Neopian Plaza
    2. Then, donate 1 Neopoint, and enter what item you really want.
    3. Click “Enter.”
    4. Where the name of “www.neopets.com/” is listed, (At the top of the page,) There will be changeable text that says, “thanks=1.” Add as many zeros as you want. You are really donating 1 Neopoint, but it is fooled into thinking that you donated much more.
    5. Finally, it will say, “Thanks for donating 1—– (How ever many zeros you chose to put,)
    6. You will be notified via email if you will receive this object. You will most likely receive it. Then…enjoy your item!

    Thanks you for reading this cheat!


  12. neorockstar11 says:

    Hey all.
    I was reading over the boards, and have noticed that people have been asking where a certain person died, and when they died, to answer the Brain Tree Quest. The answers are randomized. You have to feed the Esaphagor (Spelling?) twice. When you go to the Haunted Woods, he is right below the Brain Tree. Feed him the first time to get the date, and a second time to get the place. He required food that is wicked expensive, so I never bother to do the quests. No reward is worth paying for 100,000 np soup! Hope this helps.

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  14. rich_b**ch says:

    GOOD CHEAT:!! donate like 12 np to the tambola when its low on neopoints and ull get a codestone the next day and more !!!!

  15. Lila Meridian or whatever is lying, she’s trying to scam you, why else would she ask for your password? When I was younger I gave away my password to supposedly get a rainbow paintbrush, and lost my best account. DO NOT BELIEVE HER, PLEASE!!!

  16. Okay I guess what they said about threads were true! They never seem to stay on topic. I know you girls are having a little gossip club here but averyone else needs information or help with neopets so could you please get back on topic. Cheesesticks rock!!!

  17. anonomously_me says:

    Okay I guess what they said about threads were true! They never seem to stay on topic. I know you girls are having a little gossip club here but averyone else needs information or help with neopets so could you please get back on topic.

  18. Justine says:

    Sam – You CAN”T turn neopints into club penguin points.

    As for that girl who is moving to Arizona, I wouldn’t believe her, she doesnt need your password to give you stuff! What a scammer!!

  19. Sam says:

    Can anyone lease tell me how to turn neopoints into club penguin coins please?!! I need money on club penguin and fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. mckenzie says:

    i thank u made a good web site

  21. udontwannano says:

    movie mountain tickets

  22. udontwannano says:

    uh guys do you know how to get tickets??
    i know i got 4 but i want more!!

  23. Smallfrie says:

    Come visit my shop ” Delight and delicate!” Please I would really appreciate your business! I opened the shop like last week and havent sold one thing! I just had to get a new screen name also! Because I was scammed and the girl asked for my password and everything so I gave it to her because she said she was going to give me 10,000,000 neopoints! Well I’m warning you watch out for a girl or guy who knows with the screenname of sweetishlass or somthin like that! But anyways PLEASE stop by my shop when you get the chance! Thanks a lot Smallfrie!

  24. Smallfrie says:

    Thats what I asked Chelsea! Are you doing it for the brain tree?

  25. CHELSEA says:

    Does any one know where did Sian Gelert die can’t find it and i ONLY HAVE I HOUR LEFT!!!

  26. mid says:

    while playing frumball press kougra to skip a level

  27. keridianne says:

    Also I keep things at very low prices! In fact the highest amount is500nps!

  28. keridianne says:

    Everyone come visit my shop when you get the chance! I just restocked! I’ve got oranges, apples, organic olives, helmets, shields, omelletes, pizzas, plushies, step out shoes, injections, smelly socks, pies, spaghetti, healing potions, crispies, motes, knives, ice cream, erasers, jellied eggs, wind up toys, and waterfish! So come on in to ” A bit of this and that!” Thanks a bunch!

  29. keridianne says:

    Does anyone know when and where did Sian Gelert Die? Im doing a quest for the brain tree! Cant find it anywhere! Please and thank you!

  30. alexis says:

    My school blocked it but this site is fun

  31. chelsea says:

    for the people who have all the petpet pieces but can’t ust them the reason is you must assemble the lab map first before you can use the petpet lab map

  32. alle says:

    I keep getting the message Opps you have been directed to the wrong page every time I do something how do I stop it. anyon have some tips

  33. alle says:

    I keep getting the message Opps you have been directed to the wrong page every time I do something how do I stop it

  34. cool guy says:

    and my guild name ((Haunted_Palace)) with the (( ))

  35. cool guy says:

    hey people want to join my guild i give 2000nps for free.and ill give more each time ur rank increase

  36. rssc21 check me out says:


  37. Darence says:

    how does ur site give np

  38. frankie says:

    Yeah omg!! I went to freewebs.com/neoprizemaker and I GOT FRICKIN RICH!! I LOVE THOSE GUYS!!!

  39. yey says:

    Hey if you want nps and items go to http://www.freewebs.com/neoprizemaker!! I did it and got lots o nps!!

  40. Lindsay (Rssc20 was frozen and now is rssc16) says:

    Cheat #86 only works on the first of each month…

  41. hey vix who are u thanking

  42. kokol says:

    how to put the petpet laboratory map together ?i just can do it please answer

  43. vix says:

    thanks for all the help

  44. hey can anyone type the addres to go directly to pet labotory

  45. hey every one did u heard neopet is going to be expired and i know a hint actually when u play jolly jugglers just collect 200 points and u will get 1000np

  46. stacey_848 says:

    ok i need help with a brain tree answer
    ‘Sian Gelert’ i cnat find her anywhere and i need to know her date of death and place of death.
    Thanks heaps if u could get that to me in like 15 minutes that would be a miracle.

  47. steve says:

    hi does cheat number 86 really work

  48. Lindsay (Rssc20) says:

    Okay guys (and gals) I saw a LOT of the same questions and here are some answers (I didn’t read all of these so I don’t know if they were already answered or not sry).

    1. Yes the wishing well thing works!
    2. Symol hole and the turmaltus are totally RANDOM! so there are NO LIGIT cheats for them.
    3. The brain tree answer is not sian flosam died in 25 bn and it was in virtopia because it CHANGES everyday. The ONLY way you can answer the brain tree is by feeding the esophagor twice. (that is located under the brain tree and looks like a blue hill-thingy)
    4. Shops now restock randomly!
    5. The wheel of excitement doesn’t give you 10000 every hour every time.
    6. How you use the petpet map is you first need to get the SECRET LAB FIRST before using the petpet map.
    7. The tombola and the fruit machine are now RANDOM!! so good luch!
    8. Remember to get all the dailys
    Fruit machine
    Coltzan’s shrine
    Healing springs
    Jelly world
    1 freebie a month a neopet.com/freebies
    wheel of excitement
    the advent calendar (only in december)
    9. REMEMBER TO BE CAREFUL! people think it won’t happen to them (like me) and I got scamed and frozen. I have to start over eight years of work, replace millions of nps, and get avitars and iteams back. Lots of work so remember to be careful.
    Here are some rules

    1. NEVER GIVE PASSWORD TO ANYONE!! TNT (the nps team) will NEVER ask for your password EVER!
    2. Check the address/url bar before logging in. Make sure it says neopets.com NOT access-neopets.org or anything else.
    3. Do your homework on people who you neofriend. They can end up scamming you some how. (I dont know how but if you want more just ask rssc16 it happened to her)
    4. Iteam/neopet pools/trading are a SCAM ALWAYS!! It is never a good idea and you will ALWAYS get frozen sometime soon.
    5. If a deal is too good to be true then it IS!! If someone offers you 1,000,000 nps for your password or personal info DONT DO IT!
    6. If you get an email like….
    Dear blah blah,
    We had a problem and need your password in order to verify your account……
    DONT REPLY block them!!! I cant stress enough NEVER GIVE YOUR PASSWORD EVER!!!!!!!!!
    7. Htmls are fun but remember neopets stays free because of the adds at the bottom of the page so the new ‘get rid of the add’ html is a bad idea. Getting rid of the add only hurts neopets in the end.
    8. Remember to play with some integrity. Please don’t sell cheats for neopionts and/or actual money. That is not what neopets is about!

    thanks for putting up with this long note…

    my old guild is gone as well as my shope but here are the new ones. Remember I had to restart so they are new, small, and understocked but they will get better so here they are…

    shop http://www.neopets.com/browseshop.phtml?owner=rssc20

  49. sara says:

    does the wishing well thing really work?

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