The maker of this site’s shop!

Hey everyone! I just had a great idea! Why don’t you all take a look at my shop! I’ve put lots of time and effort into it (and not to mention, LOTS of great items in it too!), and it would be GREAT if you could stop by! You can also see I’ve used some of my graphics and welcome signs from my site in it. And if you really like one of my items, we could maybe even trade stuff! So, have fun and shop-till-you-drop!

Click here to go to my neopets shop!

Oh and by the way, if you do really like this site, the best complient you can give me is to tell all your friends and family about it, and put links to it from your websites, neopets shop, whatever! Thanks so much to everyone out there who supports The Ultimate Neopets Cheats Site!!!

Oh yeah, and if you don’t already belong to a guild, why don’t you try out my guild *petpet palace*! I need some help with it (I want to make it really really fun!) and if your interested at all, just neomail me, or leave a comment with your neopets username. Thanks again!

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16 Responses to The maker of this site’s shop!

  1. sherrie says:

    hi i was woundering how in the world do people become millionaires so quickly. please if there are cheats out there that do work and our not scams send me a msn email

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  4. 1_hardcore_1 says:

    Im interested in ur guild. My username is 1_hardcore_1

  5. none says:

    ok all ju noobees. first off, no matter how many neopoints you put in the wishing well, you still have the same chance of getting an item from it. Also, the rainbow fountain does not give out free pbs, it merely paints your pet, so you cannot gain neopoints by helping the fountain faerie.

    Worthless page.

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  7. visit now says:

    I can find many things that I look for here! Thank you very much!

  8. you could get more?!! than one! Well I sent you an email from dancewiz so also give me

    Juppieswirl Paintbrush
    Maraquan Paintbrush
    rainbow paintbrush and
    a silver night neg

  9. Aaron says:


  10. pikachu_32 says:

    will u be my neofriend pleeeeeeeeeeease!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?8 )


  11. amy says:

    on visit norman_rules (my acount)and please buy from my shop.feel free to neomail me(in neomail tell where we met.

  12. ethan says:

    hey u are stupid no one will buy stuff for that amunt u need to make the prices resenable i am a millioner on neopets to but i did my using my shop like i will give u an exsmple i bought a book for 500 so i go and sell it for 750 u see what i am saying u will never make money out of your shop if u do that that is all

  13. g00d_z0d1c_vb says:

    Chloe, can I be ur Neofriend? 0:-)

  14. jam says:

    recently ive been trying to figure out why the rainbow fountain is never working and ive been looking up on the internet for cheats to how you do it and ive come around something the rainbow fountain faerie can give quests you wll not get this very often but if you complete one of her quests she can be very graeful and will most likely give you a paintbrush remember if you ever get one of her quests try and complete it staraightt away

  15. will simon says:

    A way to get higher chances of getting what you want from the wishing well
    is to give 1 np then hit enter, at the end of the url adress it should say
    thankyou=1 then change the 1 to a number like 9999999999999 and hit enter
    you will have only lost 1np but your chances of getting the item are higher

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