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Neopets Website Has Changed!

As you all know, in 2007 the Neopets website had gone through a huge change–it was re-designed! But it wasn’t just the site layout that changed, but the actual Neopets themselves, the fact you can dress them, as well as new activities and parts of the site, and the ability to buy neopoints, or Neocash. This is old news to most of you, but important and interesting news to those … Continue reading


Chloe Is Back! Running Again!

Hey everybody! I’m sooo sorry about being away from moderating and blogging on the site for such a long time, I’ve been so busy that I eventually had to put off tending to the site until I was able to again. I also tried to find an extra blogger for in the meantime, but I still haven’t found one yet, so I’ll just take up my job again. And … Continue reading


This blog could be run by you!

Would you consider yourself a “neo-expert”? Want to work for Become the main blogger, publishing posts on this homepage just a couple times a week, and get paid! Do you love Do you log on almost every day, and do everything you can to earn neopoints, like using the stock market, etc? Are you a “neo-millionaire”, or have at least a couple hundred thousand neopoints? Do you know … Continue reading


Contact Chloe Spencer

hey guys, if you have any questions, concerns, ideas, or would like to contact the owner of this website (a.k.a me, or Chloe Spencer) for professional or business purposes, you can always reach me by emailing me at


Neopets Diseases and Cures

Hey guys! I just added a new page on all the Diseases your Neopets can get and what to buy them to cure it. About time I had this page huh! So you can always get to it by going to the “Neopetes Tips!” page (It’ll be up near the top on that page) or click here to go to the Diseases and Cures page.


Hey Neopets fans! Make real money!

Hey everyone, I’m looking to hire a “Neopets fanatic”; someone who knows a ton about Neopets, since the re-design, and all the new additions to the site. Someone with a lot of knowledge on cheats and earning neopoints, and any other little secrets they know about Neopets. So if this sounds like you, you want some extra cash, and are willing to blog for NeopetsFanatic a couple times a week, … Continue reading


Glitter Graphic Maker Wanted

When Neopets re-did their website layout, a lot of glitter graphics, backgrounds and so on were no longer allowed. So that means most of the glitters on my site no longer work on Neopets, although they do work on myspace, bebo, etc. But anyway I’ve been planning on adding more graphics for a while, so I’m looking for someone who can make professional-looking glitters for my site. If you think … Continue reading


Faerie Crossword Puzzle Answers

Hey guys! Just so everyone knows, I have added all the Faerie Crossword Puzzle answers to the site! Remember, you can do the Faerie Crossword every day, and you’ll get 600 neopoints each time when usuing these cheats! And just think, after only a week of spending a minute on the Faerie Crossword a day, you’ll get over 4000 extra neopoints! It’s a good, easy neopoint maker for newbies who … Continue reading


Winners of the survey!

Congratulations to the the lucky 15 people who participated in my survey last month. Great answers everybody! But only 15 with the best anwers got a prize… and those people are: natasha_b7 angelanizhenghongden richrichrich_123 pink_panther_pirate Ditsymiss babygirlkeiki1212 ceruleanxxx emiliapaw boomrang9 jadessmax dorkabella jayden_2005 dolzmania2005 huity_6_6 veggiebird Congratulations! If you see your name above, that means a “race to riches scratchcard” has magically appeared in your inventory! Let’s see if you … Continue reading


WARNING: Sazza is a Scammer

Hi everyone, this is just to alert all of you that this “sazza” person who is going around leaving comments all over my website, is a scammer. The scams look like this: “hey if u want 10 million free nps and items just email me your user name and pw and date of birth to: Also i am giving draiks eggs, one of every paintbrush and morphing potions and … Continue reading