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The best neopets cheats website on the net! If you think so, please link to me from your website! But if you don’t, please leave a comment saying what you’d like to see on the site; any certain questions, or things you think would be cool to have. Please, have your say and you just might see it on here!

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78 Responses to Neopets Website

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  2. Tommye Riff says:

    I’ve been gone for some time, but now I remember why I used to love this website. Thanks, I will try and check back more frequently. How often do you update your site?

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  4. jason says:

    down load a cheat engine and highlight you money then on cheat engine
    type ammont of money u want then refresh page and u should havee amount of money u want:):):)

  5. bober says:

    it roks here yea

  6. Faheim_monica says:

    guys this is the BESTTTT cheat ever

    if u go to the wishing well, and donate 1np, put in the thing you want, then wish, then at the top in the URL u will see 1 at the end. change that to 500000 and press enter. now you have donated 500000np without having to give it away! its simple. and you can change 50000 to any number you want it can be a million too =)

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  9. PSS neopets staff is loser and ally.. you guys aren’t using very nice language at all! My gosh! You guys should be ashamed!

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  11. neopet staff is loser says:

    what if i m a neopet staff wad will u do kick my ass?

  12. Christina says:

    Anyone who says that by giving them your password will make you rich, don’t believe them. They’re scaming you. And everyone thinks that they’re a staff member when they aren’t. I have a friend who did this once and was scammed. And staff no.219 is the number people will use to scam you with. Trust me, when people ask you for your password tell them no and then report them. Unless they’re one of your friends you no in life and can visit , you shouldn’t even be their Neofriend.You people need to be aware of this, too many people have fallen because of these evil tricks. Even if you truly are a staff member, you shouldn’t be asking for passwords.And so called staff member 219, you’re a liar!!!!

  13. Luisa2 says:

    Uh, “Neopet Staff”, staff members DON’T NEET PASSWORDS in order to give people neopoints or items or anything. All they need is a screen name.

    To anyone that doesn’t know already, don’t give out passwords, NO MATTER WHAT, no matter who’s asking or why they say they’re asking. The only exception is if you know them in real life and can hunt them down physically if they rip you off.

    Seriously. Don’t ever give passwords, on the site, through email, messenger, whatever.

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  17. Annys says:

    I forgot my password, but they can’t send me an e-mail cos I deleted the email account that I signed up with. D: Any ideas?

  18. jenny says:

    im scared. are you SURE these cheats work

  19. samantha says:

    i have tried alot of cheats… of them worked!! >_< makes me mad!!!

  20. roadripper says:

    If you didnt already check out my website by clicking on my name, you can now!

  21. pandasuga says:

    and if you try they will get you suspended!

  22. pandasuga says:

    these don’t work at all

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