New graphics!

Hey everyone,
I finally added a bunch of new graphics, glitters, and some more welcome signs. Feel free to help yourself.

Click here to go to glitter graphics, and click here to go to welcome signs.


By the way, most graphics are more for girls. Sorry guys, I’ll look for some boy-ish stuff too.

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29 Responses to New graphics!

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  6. directory says:


  7. pbktsjcokt says:

    Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! pzjdzyenrtid

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  9. charlotte says:

    hi! my name is charlotte and my username is charliebarton101, i would love some of ur items!! (even a few) but plz not the food as i have 2 much. sozzy about ur friend byby

  10. Drerprg says:

    Cool Cybunny Graphics! They Rule

  11. EMILISA says:

    hey i know a secret about the hidden tower, if you go there on the third of the month,everything is half price!

  12. pop_rox_ursox100 says:

    Sup peeps, neomail me at pop_rox_ursox100 tanks

  13. knoxs says:

    YAY nixie is gone!

  14. minfins says:

    hi i no how to get some avatars go to the soup kitchen and click the faerie while holding down enter!

  15. rohan lady says:

    When I click on the link to graphics, it dosent display the page, saying the site has moved and giving a link back to the home page . U know why it does this ????

  16. kougra lover says:

    You go 2 meridell and click on meridell farm then u can go 2 meridell dump!

  17. Someone ~_~ says:

    wheres the Meridell Dump?

  18. somebody... says:

    sry but where are u supposed 2 put the graphics and everything in neopets?

  19. nixie says:

    Well ur right! Thats what u got to do!

  20. Dark Spirits of the Night says:

    i know when the the rainbow pool works! i dont know why exactly they made it like that but i heard from like a hundred people that the rainbow pool only works if you get a quest from the water faerie, the on in the rainbow pool and you get her what she needs. but that only what i heard.

  21. nixie says:

    they’re good, but im to young to use them in neopets 🙁

  22. YOUR MOM says:


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