Hi everyone, just so you know, if you don’t already know it, a guy called ‘peterpopsickle’ is leaving scams in the comments over and over again on every page. I know I can’t delete all of them, because they just appear the next day. These are all over the place, so just ignore them. Please please PLEASE don’t do what he says. Ever. His scams look like this:

“hiya people this cheat worked for me.
I have a cheat to get a baby paintbrush fire, faerrie, or maraqua.

Go to this link www.neopets.com/refer.phtml?username=peterpopsickle
Make ur password fire002, faerrie004. THen activate ur account. After u activate it go to ur items and qualify for a newby pack and instead of a basic paintbrush u get a fire 1 and some other random 1. But don’t get the newbie pack untill u activate it or it might not work.”


Now he has no reason to leave these on this site anymore. And it doesn’t matter if he changes his name because the referer is still ‘peterpopsickle’.
Thank you for listening.

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  1. Psycho kid says:

    This is just an stupid example of a stealer!!!! Never trust anyone who does similar stuff like this peterpopsicle guy!! whatta scammer

    Note: I will give you any neggs in neopets if you give me a babypaint brush!!!!

    @Cant say i think the person you met stole your items i did he ask you for any vital info?

  2. is anyone giving away a paintbrush the price of a Taelias Token thats rare. neomail me at anastasia_anna2011 on neopets.

  3. Method To Her Madness says:

    Ehh… It’d be nice to get a Baby Paint Brush.
    Saving up is going to be a drag. :/

  4. popatipopop. says:

    I neeed a faerie,baby,and maraquan paint brush

  5. quang says:

    how do you get a poogle

  6. Brittney says:

    HOLA WAT IS THE WEIGHT OF THE MARROW!! I NEED TO KNOW!!! my username is brittneylatara

  7. Haylie says:

    #85, your account must at least FOUR accounts old to buy anything from the Hidden Tower. I have about 1,7 mil NPs and try to buy the Baby PB from the Tower, but it can’t since my account only three months old.

    Hope this helps.

  8. dee says:

    I still hate the baby thing. -.-

  9. dee says:

    actually this bruce thing zapped my korbat!
    i won a paint brush in the wheel of monotony and when i tried to paint her, neopets is like “baby bruce turned your neopet into a baby korbat” and even though at first i was like WHAT? HELL YEAH I LOVE IT! now i actually hate it.

    this baby brush thing wont let you dress the neopet and ughh i was like that.
    i want my prehistoric korbat back!! :'(

  10. Ebony says:

    listen to me:
    i tried it twice and it failed, it is a scam for peterpopsickle or whatever their name is to get np!!!!!

  11. Ebony says:

    didnt work. plegh!

  12. cant say... says:

    Hey, umm guys. I have a story here about neopets, and I would appreciate it if you helped me with it or neomailed me on neopets about it my user is angeldevilzsos (if you have an account) Here it is:

    Last night I was playing on my cousins account for her. She has a neopets account but cant really take care of it cuz she’s always doing homework. I was going to the Lost Desert to play the fruit machine. So I spinned and the next thing I know is BAM! I won ten thousand neopoints, a stone muffin and most inportant of all, A Faerie Paint Brush!!!!!!! I was so excited at that moment. I called my cousin and told her the new. It turned put she didnt like paint brushes(Very, very strange) So she said I could have it. So I sent it to my account. I didnt really want to use it on my pets because I was in need for np for a baby paintbrush from the hidden tower. So i put it in the trading post. a little later on the same day someone gave me an offer. 3mil np. i was excited so i said he could have it. but unfortunatley, the max at the trading post was 800000 np so i put it up for auction instead. he said that he was two hundred thousand np short so it would be okay for 2,800,000 np instead. i agreed and he made the first bid. so then i went to bed. then right now at 8:30 am in hawaii, i got what i asked for. so i played the dailies and headed up to faerieland to get that awesome baby paintbrush. my neopoints then was 2,891,265. i clicked on it and checked my inventory, NOTHING THERE!!! so i went again and clicked on it then checked my inventory. NOTHING EITHER. so please help me if you can by neomialing me or emailing me at cherryredshrine@gmail.com. Thanks.

  13. tallulah says:

    u rock girl

  14. CHEAT MASTER says:

    no offence its true anyway my AISHA WILL RULE THE COMPUTER TOO

  15. CHEAT MASTER says:

    i want boochi to zap my pet or i want anyone to give me a baby paint brush do baby aisha look good i like aishas do my aisha look good in baby my user is danie9090 gimme baby paint brush if do not want it or make boochi zap my pet into a baby that be cool WHO IS THAT BOOCHI WHATEEVER GUY ANYWAY I WANT MONEYMAKER im going iiiiinnnnnnnnnnnsssssaaaaiiiinnnnneeee aisha rules and someday my precious aisha WILL RULE ALL OF NEOPIA

  16. Amanda says:

    It seems to me that Boochi only zaps rich ppl that hav already painted their neopet something. That’s why the random event has like a unhappy message. u no instead of “yay Boochi zapped ur neopet and now it’s baby” it’s “ahhhhh that scoundrel Boochi just zapped your neopet and now it’s a baby whatever.” That’s my observance anyway.

  17. My5cookies says:

    My techo was zapped by boochi. I was going to paint her fire, but now i am saving for a royal paint brush for my jau, or a cybunny trans. potion.

    Oh, and any one who has to email there user name and pass. Click the link, and type

    Username:You are
    Pass: A n00b

  18. GagaYou says:

    Ok IT DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!! People there is no “ur doing it wrong” bull crap ok. H is just trying to make money by refering people. that’s it, it’s stupid and not worth your time.

  19. Paxton says:

    Lili where is this Boochi dude? I want a baby neopet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please tell me Lili.

  20. Paxton says:

    I think that cheats are cool and we should use them as we please and NO ONE may tell us what we can and can not do. And the loaded neopets is a scam I created a fake account and it was broken into and all my 1,000 starter neopoints were stolen. What a jack ass.

  21. superbubba says:

    my gilfriend dupt me cus it was a prank

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  23. CaTii says:

    BBOOCHI zapped my little xweetok she was faerie and if u check the rainbow pool that looks really beautiful on xweetoks and now she is a baby >:(
    dnt get me wrong i love baby but definitly NOT on xweetoks they are so ugly as baby they have a big thick black monobrow lol! and it gets worse i saved up for ages 2 buy another faerie paintbrush, painted mi little xweetok and what do u no, a few weeks later that stupid boochi comes along and zaps mi BEAUTIFUL XWEETOK AGAIN!!!!! aaaahhhh.. well, i guess if i play bumble beams everyday then i mite earn enough 2 buy a 3rd faerie paint brush… lol

    GuDd LuCk EveRyOnee !! x

    xOx CaTii xOx

  24. Want Boochi. So bad. says:

    Ive always wanted that stupid baby paint brush but i have insufficient funds.

  25. Want Boochi. So bad. says:

    I want Boochi to do that to me so bad. sooooo bad.

  26. Listen! says:

    He is a Baby Bruce who zaps your pet into a baby. He is a random event.

  27. Wouldnt u like 2 know! says:

    Whos this Boochi dude?

  28. Bluestar says:

    Anyway I have to get going now, I have to head back to my guild. If you want to neomail me, you can neomail me at Bluestar_StarClan_

    I wish you all luck on your games and I hope you suceed in getting the items you want, with careful care and playing of the games.


  29. Bluestar says:

    A Baby Paint brush?

    You could go to the hidden tower in Faerie Land and buy one for 600,000Np or cheak out the trading post for better offers. Some people sell them for 580,000Np. which realy is only 20,000Np less than the original price.

    You could also do a fountain faerie quest (Those are extreamly rare tto get though)

  30. *[Mindori]. suicide says:

    Hellow, does anyone know how to get a baby paint brush?!?

    Im desperate!!!!

  31. auto insurance broker says:

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  33. Lili says:

    I had him all dress up and everything too, with his blechy hat and the potato sac he was so happy 🙁 *cry*

  34. Lili says:

    NOOOO!!!!!!! my poor poor majestic barry_the_bogan got turned into a BABY by Boochi 🙁 🙁 🙁

    he used to be a strong powerful and SCARY green eerye, he was confident, he was sure of himself, he could battle, he would win, he was so confident I put him in the beauty contest 2 weeks ago 🙁 I have him in neoquest and everything 🙁

    someone asked for a cheat to have boochi zap your pet? dunno, but these are the things I’ve done lately: played neoquest and cliffhanger often, put barry in the beauty contest, tried guessing mystery pic, submitted one caption, scratch all sorts of scratchcards, and keep barry as the active neopet 99% of the time (note the only pet that will be zapped into baby is your active neopet!)

    dont get me wrong I wanted to paint barry eventually but a baby was NOT what I had in mind!!!! he’s ungly 🙁

  35. Tabatha says:

    whats the wishing well cheat i need to know 😀

  36. faljalkjdflsakjkdpa says:

    this doesn’t work…

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  38. JULLLLLLLL says:


  39. lonzo from da bay fairfield ca says:

    That stpid peter popsickle dude got me 1 time i wish i could kick his butt he took 41,000 out of my account then deleted my account.Beware

  40. Albuquerque says:

    Great Site, Yeah. Hope you can improve it again!

  41. mOkLoVeR09 says:

    I WANT A BABY PAINTBRUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Avatar~Queen says:

    This website is AWESOME !!!!!!!!
    I may make it my home page !
    good job ,oh and i will be careful for that peterpopsicle guy !

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