Have an idea for NeopetsFanatic.com? Let’s hear it!

Hey everyone, I just had an idea. I’m sitting here trying to think what you guys would like added to the site, but I’m stuck. And then it dawned on me–why don’t I ASK you? So I invite you all to voice your opinions on what you would like to see on the site. A page on how to get restricted/limited edition pets? A discussion forum? A unique username you can claim by being able to make an account on NeopetsFanatic.com that no one else can use whenever you leave comments? A page to advertise your Neopets shop?
I want your ideas, and if it’s popular enough you will probably see it added to the site. So please leave a comment on what you think would be helpful or really cool to see on NeopetsFanatic.com! Looking forward to hearing all your ideas. =)

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6 Responses to Have an idea for NeopetsFanatic.com? Let’s hear it!

  1. How about the code for the Kruledan Mining Corp.? I need it!

  2. jettina says:

    hey love the site its reallly helped tons here are some of my ideas
    1. maybe list a few shops that sell good stuff for cheat prices
    2. tell us were we can get wearable items
    3. explain how to edit out shop background
    4. is there anyway to get extra few food and stuff from the omlet and jelly place
    5. tell us how to get to more of the hidden placesthx would be super apriciated

  3. kyrsten says:

    u should put new games and new stuff 2 buy like dragon stuff & horse things

    thank u

  4. Cassie says:

    Hi Chloe! Maybe you could put a page of really good game suggestions, which get you 1000 neopoints for each score sent and are really super easy? Like you know how some games, especially the ad ones, are really simple and you get lots of neopoints. Just a suggestion. : )

  5. Nimmo09 says:

    I love this site!

    Oh, and my idea is a place to advertise your sites and shops!


  6. pink_babble says:

    i know! how about plots! i mean they are great things 2 use and there is a new one out soo…. try doin that

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