More Neopets Freebies!

Hi everybody! I just added a bunch more ways to earn free neopoints and items to the Freebies page! Go check it out! My Freebies page is a super fast way to get to all the daily to-do’s done on Neopets, like collect bank interest, spin the Fruit Machine, get your free omelette, jelly, etc, as well as new ways to earn fast free neopoints! I have links to everything, all on the one page! If you haven’t used this page before, you’ll soon find you’ll be using it everyday!

Enjoy, everybody!

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18 Responses to More Neopets Freebies!

  1. hi says:

    join big time money guild


  2. Pretty My Kitty says:

    Vist my shop!!! im samanthabaiden_12
    or you can go to avril_monkey01 BUT just to vist cuz i lost the random birthdate i put in =(

  3. pretty cat says:

    i like neopets der r so cool if you wat go to my page =)

  4. pretty cat says:

    hello a me a fashion for pashion but a em cool and asome a like neopets der ar so cool and asome

  5. Well I’ve opened a shop too n I somtimes get lots of money. Depends what u sell, if u sell rare stuff, u usually get good money 4 it but if u sell like really common stuff (like plushies) usually u’ll only get a max of 1np for each. Its a bit of a rip off, don’t listen to the IST or EST or whatever it is value. Coz usually they overprice stuff, if u really wanna get good stuff for cheap, check out the shop wizard. My shop sells like the cheapest items…literally, I check out what the cheapest price 4 my item is on shop wizard, then I sell it 4 cheaper. My neopets names are xJaselx x____Luna____x and Zafira78. I also find that I prefer to adopt pets than make new ones, that way they sometimes come with petpets like my xJaselx did. Also it means more neopets get good homes!

  6. Guest says:

    now fashion fever rocks more! u can play it 10 times! now 10×300! IT ROCKS! but someone got 308 neopoints. we only get 300! wonder what did he do…

  7. ive been a neopets user 4 2 years! check out my original account with my true age:greenmonkeey FASHION FEVER RULZ!!!

  8. after the Neopets Bday ya can send the Fashion Fever score as many times as Neopets website is old!! right now ya can send your score 10 times a day! =D

  9. adfadsfadsf says:

    i do the fashion fever thing too!

  10. kb223 says:

    I do the fashion fever thing too. :}

  11. lily;; says:

    i lOVE THIS SITE!!! thx

  12. kadals says:

    I will check. hope it nice to mee

  13. Noodle says:

    You should have more updates!! this is a really cool site, but I thought it would be updated like once a week or something!

  14. mat says:

    how the hell did you earn that large amount of money?! care to share that secret??? =)

  15. Kelly says:

    wow, i used to do those sillly things like fashion fever but now 900np meens nothing to me after i opened a shop, now im earning lke 50000np a day!!!

  16. **water faerie** says:

    oh yeah i do the fashion fever thing too, its a super easy 900 neopoints!

  17. evan says:

    i love the freebies page!!! i use it every single day lol 😛

  18. ___firetail___ says:

    A way to get 900 nps really easy is go on fashion fever and the press start game then end game and send score and thats 300 nps so if you do that 3 times then its 900 nps. You can only do this once a day though.

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