Neopets Scams and Scam Sites

First, no matter what, for absolutely NO reason, under NO circumstances whatsoever, EVER give your password to ANYONE for ANYTHING at any time.

Neopets will NEVER ever ask for it, so know right off the bat anyone who does is up to no good and trying to scam you. TNT can freeze your account without you knowing – why would they ever need your password? That having been said, here are some places where scams can be found:

• Neoboards. Yep. Right at the heart of where we find information, ask questions, and communicate with other players.
• Neomail. Offers for free items or Neopoints if you visit a webpage, usually has a link.
• User Shops. Who can resist a super low price? Beware. Malware or Cookie Grabbers may be present.
• User lookups, Pet pages. Malware and CGs are a constant threat.

And in the comments on this site! It is FULL of people telling you to send your username and password to them so they can steal your account. THESE ARE ALL SCAMS.

To read more, go to my page on Neopets Scams and Scam Sites and how to spot them and keep your account safe.

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7 Responses to Neopets Scams and Scam Sites

  1. prikitiuw says:

    i lke ur post

  2. Wicker Trunk says:

    yes, it’s a must, to be very-very careful & cautious if someone (or something) asking for password

  3. Kiddo says:

    Also, there are fake login pages linked to now.
    When you go to some shops, it shows a cheap codestone or PB, and when you click on it it brings you to the login page. But, if you look at the URL, it’s NOT at so don’t enter your information.

  4. unknown says:

    and if you go on you tube and search for cheats and the say they work for TNT don’t believe them!it says that TNT will NOT ask for your user name and password cause they would already know and the would not do it at there homes!

  5. Ticell says:

    Thanks for sharing information about scam sites and I will follow update next article.

  6. frank says:

    How did you get the content to change in the purple swicki search box? Seems like every time you click on a different page on this website, that box generates random words (which are possibly keywords for your site)

  7. dinda says:

    nice info..

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