How to: Become a Neopian Millionaire

So you want to be a Neopian millionaire? Don’t we all! There has to be some kind of secret, some magic spell or potion…right? I was determined to find out, so I put together a short survey, aimed at Neo millionaires. I was targeting a specific group; those with over 10 million neopoints, as well as having huge houses and shops. I was hoping for at least 100 responses, and I received 77. The survey follows, with the average answers. It surprised me, and I am sure it will surprise you!

1.) How old are you?
Average ages 18-23. Youngest responder is 17, oldest is 67.

2.) How long have you been playing Neopets?
Average is 3 years; shortest is 7 months, longest is 7 years. Several players said they leave for a while, but always come back!

3.) How many neopoints do you have?
Average 5 million.

5.) How long did it take you to become a Neo millionaire?
A very long time was the unanimous answer.

6.) Do you use game cheats?
Tied between yes and no. And 5 people answered sometimes.

7.) Which ones for which games make the most neopoints for you?
It appears to be a variation of all the games. Key Quest, Scorchy Slots, Faerie Bubbles and Destructo Match were mentioned most often, in that order. It seems there are as many favorites as there are choices!

8.) Do have a shop/store?
Everyone said YES

9.) How large is it?
Smallest was 17, largest was 3500.

10.) What’s the most expensive item you’ve ever owned/sold?
Again, all answers were different, but all could only be found on the Trading Post. Faerie Queen Doll, rare PetPets and Medicinal items were most often mentioned, in that order. Most players said they put their expensive items in their galleries.

11.) What tricks and tips would you give to newbies on becoming a Neo millionaire?
Most common answer was time and work. Play games, do dailies, and snipe on auctions were the most popular.

12.) What’s you’re favorite thing to do on Neopets and what do you spend most of your neopoints on?
The favorite things were tough to compile. There were at least as many answers as there are things to do on Neopets! As for what most players spend their neopoints on, it was home improvements, enlarging their shop, buying rare items and collectibles, training their neopet and restocking their shop.
13.) Please add any additional insight you may have to offer.
Everyone said they started just like everyone else did, but becoming a Neo millionaire can be done. It just takes time and effort.

Well, there you have it! There are no magic answers or secrets–it all depends on you and what you like to do! Whatever games you like, do them often, and get better at it to make more points. Everyone’s different–only one said they play the stock market, and quests were mentioned once. I have come to the conclusion that Neopets is what you want it to be, and with all the things to do in Neopia, you can be as rich as you want! Just do it any way you choose, and most importantly, have fun!

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5 Responses to How to: Become a Neopian Millionaire

  1. (email me on neopets username Yashijo) says:

    uh… how again? i mean, i know the survey, but were is it?

  2. lily;; says:

    though the marapets ad is rather ironic…

  3. lily;; says:

    well, i guess i have to say that she’s done pretty well in getting traffic to her blog, (unlike mine, no-one reads it…. click my name to see… )
    it’s quite hard…

  4. SELENA says:


  5. lily;; says:

    I dont know about you, but to me neopets is just for fun, i dont care about how much money i have, and ‘work’ ,
    its a game!!!! u are meant to ENJOY it…..

    so if u will enjoy it,,, then it will be no work at all………

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