Neopets Codestones Guide

Ever wonder what codestones are? You see them in the shops for around 3k-5k each all the time, but what exactly are these stones for? Where do they come from? How do you get them?

There are ten different types of codestones; Bri, Har, Mau, Vo, Eo, Orn, Zei, Main, Mau, and Tai-Kai. Typically, all of these are listed around 3k-5k but the Bri Codestone is usually the cheapest around 3k.

From left to right:

First Row: Mau, Tai-Kai, Lu, Vo, and Eo.

Second Row: Main, Zei, Orn, Har, and Bri.

These are used at the Mystery Island Training School. The Mystery Island Training School is used for training your Neopet for the battledome. These can be obtained by buying, random Neopet events, as well as Tombola (if you’re a winner). An alternative to using codestones is using dubloons (which can be found in a different post) to train your pet at Krawk Island.

Here’s a table on the courses you can take at the Mystery Island Training School:

Course Type Neopet Level Cost Length
Grasshopper 20 and Under 1 codestone 2 hours
Basic 21-40 2 codestones 3 hours
Intermediate 41-80 3 codestones 4 hours
Adept 81-100 4 codestones 6 hours
Advanced 101-120 5 codestones 8 hours
Expert 121-150 6 codestones 12 hours
Master 151-200 7 codestones 18 hours
Grand Master 201-250 8 codestones 24 hours
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