Limited Edition and Restricted Neopets

Hey guys! I just made a new page on how to get the various Limited Edition and Restricted Neopets. Limited Edition and Restriced Neopets are the ones that you can’t get normally in Create-A-Pet like all the other Neopets. For example, a Chomby, Cybunny, Krawk, etc. Want a super cool special rare Neopet to show off to all your Neofriends? Now you can find out how to get one!

Don’t wait! Get a Limited or Restricted Neopet today!

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  1. Ashley says:

    Chris: This can be achieved by going on the assigned day of the Neopet. Like if it’s “Cybunny Day” you can get a Cybunny. If it’s “Lutari Day” you can get a Lutari. Be quick though! They run out fast! You could also get one from the pound, the lab ray, transfer, or from using a potion (I don’t know if there is one though!).

  2. djsbrother says:

    if anyone wants a limited edition neopet message me.. on neopets lol 🙂 my name is djsbrother make the subject in “regards to you offer on limited edition neopets” make the format this… (fill in brackets)
    (Neopet you want)
    (What you will give me… be reasonable)
    (how you will give me your item that you offered)
    Please respond

  3. chris says:

    hey how can you get a limited edition pets like that?

  4. Goldentiger says:

    Heh heh heh that was really funny TNT making it a late Lutari Day I got no sleep!!!

  5. goldentiger says:

    LUTARIS ARE OUT!!!! create one

  6. Mikala Cantero says:

    i want a limited edition neopet please can you help me

  7. Sarcasters says:

    You may or may not be aware of the group of newbies that were able to create limited edition neopets and lutaris. I can tell you how. Contact me if you are interested in posting it on the site.

  8. trishieee says:

    i love cybunnies best 🙂

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