Ice Bori Neopet

The Ice Bori Neopet is a very special Neopet.

It’s possible that you can still get one (although it takes a while and it’s a bit rare). It can’t be obtained by paintbrushes, the lab ray, fountain faerie quests, or even morphing potions. The only way you can get an Ice Bori is by downloading the toolbar Bori Special.

Toolbar Bori Special.

They’re also impossible to get at the pound, because when an Ice Bori is abandoned at the pound, it immediately turns to into a blue Bori. My conclusion: Although it’s an awesome Neopet to have, it’s not really worth downloading an entire toolbar to have an Ice Bori. But, it doesn’t take long or that much effort, and if you want to have a rare Neopet and wow other Neopians into thinking you may have millions of neopoints, go ahead and get the Ice Bori Neopet!

Ice Bori Neopet

It’s kinda cute too. 🙂

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